Wednesday, 2021-07-21

rinigusfridl: good question regarding updates. we don't have webhooks enabled in _service files at chum and chum:testing to avoid spontaneous updates.06:02
riniguswe could make you maintainer of your packages in :testing - that way you will bump the version yourself. with all working, you could just submit package from testing to chum.06:04
riniguspiggz: should we do that way? ^06:04
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piggzrinigus: seems fair07:32
riniguspiggz: and easier for us :)07:32
rinigusfridl: I have added you as a maintainer for  harbour-avarisk in testing. on update, please change release version in _service and if all is fine, just submit from :chum:testing to :chum. and we will be able to accept your submission07:35
fridlmuerinigus: Ok, sounds perfect!07:39
Renaud[m]I have a question regarding linux tool packaging:08:05
Renaud[m]what would entail asking for inclusion into chum organization on github? The packaging burden would not falls onto the chum maintainers, does it?08:05
rinigusRenaud: I think we should be able to make you maintainer of your tools packages in chum repo at github as well. That way we can keep the effort spread among all of us08:18
rinigusadvantage of having them in github org is mainly sharing the effort. it is probably easier to do so if we have one location where we can check packaging08:19
rinigusalso, I expect that number of org maintainers will increase08:20
rinigusRenaud: ^08:20
Renaud[m]alright, makes sense08:20
Renaud[m]I'll start opening issues, then :)08:22
rinigusRenaud: great! looking forward08:22
Renaud[m]Another question: are there restrictions regarding licensing? What about GPLv3 software, for instance?08:27
rinigusRenaud: no restrictions so far. gplv3 is fine for sure. you would just need to be able to provide source for the code to make it possible to compile08:28
riniguswe touched on restrictions in README (for devs section), please see08:28
fridlmuewouldn't it be a good Idea to have a repo for "missing packages"-issues in github? That would then be like a wishlist and we could start packaging these things. E. g. I have some Ideas, but most are to complex at the moment and im to much of a starter in that topic. So if something easy pops up there i could try to get that running first.08:29
fridlmueOr do we want to do that in the sfos forum?08:29
Renaud[m]okay, good. I have skimmed through the README but I just wanted to be sure08:29
rinigusfridlmue: that's what the "main" repo is for08:30
rinigusI think it may be too complex and scattered at the forum08:30
fridlmueok, got it08:34
piggzrinigus: a whole lot of sumbissions for you!09:26
ThaodanWhy main branch or repo?09:52
piggzThaodan: main is just a holder repo for documentation/issues09:58
riniguspiggz: I see. but you could accept them yourself - have to run10:12
piggzi know, just keeping you busy :D10:12
rinigusoh, I am. will have to go afk for ~1h, I think. piggz , you should submit first to :testing10:14
rinigusand then to :chum proper (after testing compilation will work)10:14
rinigusthat way we keep testing and chum in sync10:14
lbtrinigus: as far as licensing goes I think the OBS should be limited to OSI/open-source licenses. Basically as per:
riniguslbt: we should include that in README10:15
lbtyeah - it's mainly common sense10:16
lbtand generally no binary uploads too10:16
piggzrinigus: that did cross my mind, ok10:17
riniguslbt: bin uploads so far have been databases for prediction used by keyboard. those take long time to generate and huge datasets with texts. those bins (prediction databases) are in github repos as well10:19
piggzlbt: so, noone should be submitting aliendlavik rpms?10:21
rinigusas soon as they are open sourced, should be no problem10:26
lbtsure, databases, images and blobs like that are fine. Just executables.10:28
lbtpiggz: ;)10:28
Thaodanlbt: well firmware is fine too11:27
rinigusThaodan: probably firmware not needed for chum, though12:15
ThaodanThe point is they host linux-firmware there too wich contains executable blobs14:35
piggzwe all know what we dont want, proprietary apps, and pirated apps15:40
fridlhow can I check, which python packages are available in some repositories on OBS (so not only the Chum, but also the "official" repositories. The search seems not to help really.16:42
rinigusfridl: search can be used with osc. as for other ways, you could use zypper on device or SDK16:48
fridlrinigus: ok, ill play round a little more with osc.17:05
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HengYeDev[m]I'm getting "Secrets database is locked" when using Sailfish Secrets17:40
HengYeDev[m]it only happens on some devices17:40
HengYeDev[m]I am using DeviceLock DeviceLockKeepUnlocked to store the collection17:40
* HengYeDev[m] < >17:41
piggzerrrr, is gitlab down for anyone?20:19 or
piggzits back now20:38
piggzwas giving a 50320:38
Nicopiggz: They usually update on the 22nd, but it has been unstable all day today, which may be related :321:58
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