Wednesday, 2021-08-11

ilpianista<attah> "what phone might that be?" <- it's an Xperia 10 Plus. Sometime it charges fully in a couple of hours, but last time it took 3 days go to from 0% to 4%...07:08
ilpianistaI don't know if the charger is faulty or if it's the USB C port... I tried another charger and it didn't work, but that one is a 3A, while mine is a 2A07:09
bionade24ilpianista: Do you have any smart PD or Quickcharge charger? Maybe also try cleaning the USB port with a tooth stick, it's insane how much dust is in there.08:43
janus_Hello, yesterday I've bought Gigaset GS290, updated android latest official patchlevel,unlocked bootloader and went to flash sailfishos with ubports-installer (macos version). The gui wasn't able to find extracted files, so I went to ~/Library/Caches/ubports/yggdrasil/SailfishOS, extracted download?job=run-build-lvm and flashed That went well with no errors, but now I get sailfish logo only and bootloop. Where have I f*cked up?09:46
janus_Consequent retries can flash only one *.img file (with OKAY status from fastboot), the next one just seems to hang there doing nothing. Re-plugging the phone let's me flash another partition, but the end result is the same - boot loop.09:47
janus_Thank you for any cluestick.09:48
ilpianista<bionade24> "ilpianista: Do you have any..." <- I did try with a powerbank, but it's the same (although with the same cable). I also cleaned the port with a tooth stick10:16
bionade24ilpianista: Try with a USB C _DATA_ cable and a "smart" charger.10:36
bionade24janus_: Ask again in #sailfishos-porters10:37
ilpianistabionade24: any charger model to suggest? I never heard of it before10:38
janus_bionade24: thanks!10:38
bionade24ilpianista: Anything that either supports PD or Quickcharge has to communicate with the device to switch charging standards, so they're smart.10:38
bionade24ilpianista: When you're device charges with 500mA it's quite likely that It'll take 3 days.10:41
ilpianistawell, I use the same charger and it takes 3 days OR few hours10:42
bionade24ilpianista: then use a diffrent charger as it seems to have communication issues sometimes and then only get 500mA or less.10:49
ilpianistammm, probably it's the cable that's faulty. I tried with a 3A charger and the phone enters in a "charging/discharging" loop. Then I mixed the cables (I took the cable of the 3A and I put it on the 2A charger) and the battery went from 4% to 12% in less than 10 minutes11:27
ilpianista(...and it's stuck at 12% since I wrote that :sigh:)11:33
bionade24ilpianista: I would say it's very unlikely the cable. After you tried with a diffrent charger you know for sure that it's a smarter one blame the phone.11:42
fridlis there a way to find out a little more details when a build on OBS fails like that:13:25
fridl[   67s] + %py3_build13:25
fridl[   67s] /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.UnQiz8: line 36: fg: no job control13:25
fridl[   67s] error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.UnQiz8 (%build)13:26
fridl[   67s]13:26
fridl[   67s]13:26
fridl[   67s] RPM build errors:13:26
fridl[   67s]     Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.UnQiz8 (%build)13:26
fridlI mean, i'm really poking around in the dark with trying to get some python packages packed. And so far it worked out with a lot of trying around for some now. But i think with that one im  a little lost.13:27
fridl(full trace is here:
ilpianista@friI never used `%py3_build`, but I just read that's deprecated? Try if you get more output by using `%{__python3} build` instead13:35
ilpianistafridl: ^13:35
fridlilpianista: thanks. I'll check that. I got inspired to use %py_build by jollas .spec files for python....13:37
fridlilpianista: Should I also substitute %py3_install then?13:40
fridlThe Build part seems to work with your suggestion.13:41
ilpianistayes, replace it with `%{__python3} install --skip-buildĀ¬13:43
ilpianista * yes, replace it with `%{__python3} install --skip-build`13:43
ilpianista(I'm takes this hints  from
fridlilpianista: ok, now it gives some Read-only error. But at least thats a message i can try to follow further. Thanks for the Link!14:00
rinigusfridl: that job control failure indicates that corresponding macro is missing. Took me some time to figure it out14:36
fridlrinigus: thanks for checking. Bypassing that macro, like suggested by ilpianista, carries me a little forward. But, fore some reason, the same makro works for other packages.14:39
fridlhowever, i try to deal with the next issue at the moment, haha.14:39
ilpianistafridl: that spec file has:14:40
ilpianista> BuildRequires:  python3-rpm-macros14:40
fridlahhhh, oh. now i get it!14:41
*** max is now known as Guest391318:11
Guest3913Does SFOS still only support numerical lock-screen codes?18:14
Guest3913If I understand it correctly you can use the "PIN" to decrypt the master key, and then use that key to decrypt the data18:15
attah...and i was just about to reply... nevermind then18:19
piggzrinigus: shall I add the extra repos to chum?18:30
riniguspiggz: evening!  Sure, I guess it's OK. I'll be next to PC tomorrow and then can help with disabling packages for those repos, as I did for testing18:32
rinigusattah: some read via logs, you could still reply :)18:33
attahfair enough... that used to be me18:35
attahfor a) the answer is yes, for b) same as LUKS in general i believe18:36
attahpiggz: so, what's up in the piggyverse?18:38
piggzattah: most of my final van parts have arrived18:39
attahnot sure i'm clued up on that... building a camping van?18:40
attahbut does it run sailfish?18:40
piggzno, currently very simple, while we get used to it18:41
piggzwe have kitchen in, i have wired up the 240v electric, but not tested yet (waiting for cable) ... 12v system is half wired up, parts arrived today, but not fitting tonight18:42
attahsounds like good progress18:43
piggzyeah, once a have the split charger wired up, and the battery connected to 12v, and the bed bolted down, it will be ready to use!18:43
piggzphase 2 will add built in hob/sink ... maybe solar18:45
attahsome trips planned, or is it an experiment in downsizing for longer?18:45
piggzexperiment atm18:45
attahinteresting... that kind of freedom is getting more and more appealing for every year of accumulating crap18:47
piggzwell, I also like to buy crap :D18:47
piggzcurrently looking for a MiniDisc player !!18:47
attahoh, that's retro18:48
piggzyeah, when you get to 40, you start craving retro18:48
attahi have one at my parents place18:48
attahdad used me as an excuse to buy nice stuff sometimes18:48
piggzi regret selling my very nice technics deck in the eary 2000s18:48
attahi can imagine18:48
piggzim also starting to look at how to do react apps18:50
attahfor sailfish?18:51
attahwhat's the customs shituation like, i.e. would it even be worth if i checked if the MiniDisc is up for adoption?18:54
piggzattah: no, for work ....  i got a new role where i work, and ive a bunch os new stuff to learn18:54
attahto the better i hope?18:54
piggzattah: thx, id be interested to know the model ... but, on FB market theyre pretty cheap anyway18:55
piggzattah: yeah, i think i made the right move ..... one of the new bosses introduced himself to me, and genuinly said "you do something with sailfish right?" ... and then we talked about how he was trying to de-google his life18:55
attahcan't imagine it has been used since some concert recording about 15 years ago (:18:56
attahwe had this guys applying to my work a few years ago... CV typeset in LaTeX, listed Sailfish OS in competences18:56
attahsuggested to hire him without interview18:57
attahalthough he is an Android traitor now, we are lucky to have him18:59
attahpiggz: 99% sure it is an MZ-R70019:01
piggzattah: ah, portable, i have one of them already, im after a full deck!19:01
attahah, okay, good hunting19:02
HengYeDev[m]1what is the current version of Gstreamer in sailfish?19:02
attahHengYeDev[m]1: looks like 1.16.219:03
HengYeDev[m]1ok, thanks. thinking of experimenting with webrtc19:03
attahHengYeDev[m]1: and looks like 1.18.4 is coming next19:04
HengYeDev[m]1which plguins are supported? (good, ugly, bad)19:07
piggzi think only good generally?19:07
HengYeDev[m]1ahh i wanted to use webrtcbin19:07
piggzHengYeDev[m]1: i stand corrected, bad is also available19:09
piggzkabouik: wondering, can you modify Havoc so that it scrolls to the bottom on user input?19:10

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