Thursday, 2021-08-19

piggzrinigus: lots of fresh chum news14:24
riniguspiggz: really? I have a feeling this integration with openrepos is dragging somewhat...14:28
piggzrinigus: well, new submissions (which you sorted befre i got there!) and this
riniguspiggz: that I haven't seen yet :) . do you want to ping others in the integration thread? to get a bit of life back there as well14:37
renalcalculus[m]lbt: can you please check, I guess its another cleanup prohibiting a new clone18:53
lbtdone - someone's cloning llvm so it'll block for a bit18:56
renalcalculus[m]lbt: Ah I see. I thank that would be me as well. Thank you.18:57
renalcalculus[m]> fatal: cannot create directory at 'clang/test/OpenMP': No space left on device19:02
renalcalculus[m]I guess I really shouldn´t do that...19:02
poetasterpiggz/rinigus: could one of you explain what this is I mean, it's a build spec, but how does it work?20:11
attahpoetaster: kinda like a meta-makefile, something for rpmbuild to follow for building and packaging an RPM20:13
attahthis is the for dummies (read: me) version
poetasterattah! yeah, that I got, but it doesn't show a proper origin for sourcing the, errr, src?20:14
attahit is submodule'd in, isn't it?20:14
poetasteri believe so.20:15
attah  "Pillow @ d209b7c"20:15
poetasteryeah I see it in github context but not in the spec?20:15
attahwhat is the answer to life the universe and everything?20:17
poetasterah, no, you got. 42 is correct.20:17
poetasterI just don't understand how it works :)20:17
attahso see line 4220:17
attahme neither20:17
poetasterthere are only 3 lines in the .gitmodules :)20:17
attahline 42 in the spec somehow points it to ./Pillow as seen from repo root, which is the submodule20:18
poetasterI'd like to use that approach for one of my apps, but I'm still too 'thick' to get it.20:18
poetasterah, OF COURSE, %autosetup ! Nobody understands how it works!20:19
attahneed bigger Unix beard20:19
poetasterOh, no, I'm a darcs guy. on netBSD. I just hate git.  My beard is an 'imaginary' beard.20:20
poetasterAnd I'm slow.20:20
attahgit is terrible20:21
* attah should really make clearcasehub at some point20:21
poetasteryeah, it truly is.20:21
attahi mean ClearCase is terriblER, but at least the commandline isn't borked20:22
poetasteroh dear. what is clearcase? RCS, probably ;)20:22
attahIBM industrial-grade VCS anno 1997 or somesuch20:23
poetasterfunny comments on pasting images in notes app, btw :)20:23
attahi gues that's how cush iOS is...20:24
poetasterehrg. I was fine with SVN. I liked darcs. I use fossil happily. I hate git. I even felt that thing from canonical was ok.20:25
poetasterios. ah, let's make a company MITM a FEATURE!20:26
attahmeh... until it starts pestering me i honestly don't have that much against it20:27
poetasterios? or git?20:27
attahios (and similar)20:27
attahAndroid is expert at being annoying20:27
poetasterAndroid sucks more than suck.20:28
attahiOS tries to keep out of the way, but fails sometimes... and then there is the lock-in20:28
poetasterI really have no idea about ios. I abandoned apple about 2006. I put a lot of money into apple between 1986 and 2006. Then I decided I'd been burned often enough.20:29
attahi cen definitely see that20:29
attahi just made a small excursion in 2010, 2nd-gen MBA20:29
attahon Snow Leopard with lots of macports20:30
attahMacBork Air20:30
poetasterah! I tried one. The powerbooks were bad. The first airbooks with chicklet keyboards were an insult.20:31
poetasterstill, how do we abuse github to help obs build my puny project :)20:32
poetasterargh. thanks for the submodules tip. I'm going to bed. I'm fryd.20:34
attahgood night!20:34
poetasterthanks! till soon!20:34
attah(then check out SeaPrint's submodule insanity :)20:34

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