Saturday, 2021-08-21

* lbt looks at poetaster...10:52
lbtfwiw the revision param can point to a sha1 too (in fact it's used that way a lot more than with tags)10:54
poetasterlbt: I noticed that, removing a value from revision seemed to yield exactly that. Most recent hash?12:55
poetasterlbt: my versioning is way inconsistent, but I'm cleaning it up, bit by bit.12:56
MikaelaHi, so this is relayed to Sailfish OS Fan Club?14:31
b100dian[m]No, I dont think so14:32
MikaelaI guess they sent me to a wrong channe14:32
x2swell, technically this is also a fan club...14:33
MikaelaDoes that mean I can ask random SfOS questions here too? :) Like how is the IRC situation nowadays, are there alternatives to COmmuni and have they been tested against Ergo IRCd which features things like integrated bouncer, most complete IRCv3 support including CHATHISTORY and integrated ZNC *playback?14:39
poetasterHmm. Am a fan or a fanatic.14:50

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