Friday, 2021-08-27

rubdos[m]Jolla targeting automotive?06:54
tqgHello , does anyone know how to get debuginfo package from sfdk build?07:58
Thaodanmb2 has build --enable-debug sfdk has too.07:59
tqg@Thaodan: I use command "sfdk --enable-debug --specfile=rpm/geoclue-providers-hybris.spec build",but sfdk tell me Unknown option 'enable-debug'.08:01
Thaodanpass it after build08:03
tqg@Thaodan: it worked ,Thank you08:07
xybexcuse me how can I find the source code of lipstick-jolla-home-qt5 project08:16
Flohackhi there, is Slava around?09:38
FlohackOr anyone familiar with bluebinder ^^09:41
ThaodanFlohack: Just ask, don't ask to ask09:57
ThaodanI can try to help09:57
FlohackAlright so Ubuntu Touch is using bluebinder with Android 9 hardware adaption and it works quite well. On Android 10 devices however bluebinder process is spamming messages around, keeping the device busy and that impacts battery a lot. Even if BT is turned off it wants to talk to the world09:58
FlohackI will run it now in foreground lets see09:59
FlohackAnd of course it does not happen when restarted :P10:02
FlohackAhhh now... it does log: Writing packet to device failed: No such device or address10:02
FlohackSo maybe our Bluez daemon tries to contact devices that are no longer alive idk10:02
ThaodanAh that could be bluez and bluebinder trying to suspend the device10:02
Thaodanbluebinder suspends it and its gone for bluebinder10:03
Thaodan*bluedroid suspends it and its gone for bluebinder10:03
FlohackHum what I dont understand: The VHCI interface is now softblocked in rfkill10:04
FlohackWh I would still get traffic10:04
Flohackbt_power and hci0 are both softblocked10:04
FlohackInteresting, will give a try thanks!10:06
ThaodanThat's what we apply to avoid that.10:06
ThaodanIdially we would disable rfkill in bluez so just the blob suspends the device10:07
FlohackThaodan: Well tbh we have ripped out rfkill from various bt_power drivers already as early as Android 7.1 because e.g. Nexus6P looses the loaded firmware when power is cut. And its rather cumbersome to reload that with HCI_UART stuff10:13
FlohackBut, I did not expect that its still a problem now ^^10:13
ThaodanThat sounds bad. We tried to use HCI with the Xperia XA2 but the firmware loader for that is missing. The kernel has HCI support officially from Qualcomm side.10:16
FlohackNo, still spamming...10:38
FlohackThaodan I wonder if Android does indeed cut power and reloads FW on those serial BT adapters10:39
FlohackWell I dont get it, how does Bluez talk with bluebinder when VHCI is down ? wth10:53
ThaodanIt should not since Bluez <-> VHCI is cut when Bluebinder <-> Bludroid is cut.11:02
ThaodanI guess the device disappears. With the kernel path bluedroid can't shut it down anymore.11:03
Thaodan /NAMES11:08
Thaodanfrajo suggested to create an issue at github11:10
FlohackThaodan the interesting part is that with BT off hcitool -l shows no devices11:36
FlohackAnd still bluebinder gets packets11:36
FlohackAnd if I turn on BT again, the errors are gone but still its spamming around11:36
FlohackI wonder hwat it tries to do, what would send packets to all devices? I have nothing paired11:37
FlohackWhat repo would this report go to ?11:39
Thaodanto the bluebinder repo15:12
poetasterattah: what device were you on when you checked for ffmpeg? And hello!15:21
attahpoetaster: hello (: Xperia 10 II15:22
attahthat was what you wanted, right?15:22
poetasteryup. with 4.1, yo?15:22
poetasterI think recent work on the web browser may have removed ffmpeg as a dependancy. hmmm.15:23
poetasterah, did you actually test the app?!!!15:24
attahthe video could be played at least15:24
poetasterah, then it'll mostly work :) It's actually pretty robust. Tobias, who did most of the python claims to not write python :)15:25
poetasterthanks! Ok, looks like more complaining and bitching for me.15:25
poetasterhow are you doing?15:25
attahi'm good but now i'll pop out for a bit to simulate commuting home from work15:26
attahcan't risk losing the remaining sanity (:15:26
attahhope all is well, and ttyl15:26
poetasterthanks and ttyl115:27
Mikaela advertises WPA2, is WPA3 not supported?16:48
attahpoetaster: back... so welcome to the club of annoying nagscreens at app launch? (:17:07
attahMikaela: how widespread is support anyway... would Xperia 10 II support it on Android?17:07
attahwpa_supplicant seems new enough at least17:08
x2sdoesn't wpa3 also need support in the firmware of the wifi device?17:16
attahthat's what i could find too17:16
attahso if 10 II does that under Android, i'd say chances are decent... but might need to set up the connection from console17:17
x2sI could not find any information what wpa standard the 10 II supports. There's nothing on the Sony website, nothing in the basic manual...17:23
attahso one would assume it does not :/17:24
Mikaelaoh, I have no idea, I thought it just required software update and that all Android 10s supported it17:38
Mister_Magisterrinigus: ping17:50
rinigusMister_Magister: pong17:50
Mister_Magisterrinigus: hi, i'm trying to use qml's Map item from QtLocation but i can't get it to scale with dpi, and i thought maybe you know something about it17:50
rinigusMister_Magister: no, not really as I don't use it either. on SFOS it is very old17:51
rinigusmay have some bugs for hidpi as well17:52
Mister_Magisterso i should just go with your mapbox package17:52
Mister_Magisterdo you have perhaps some simple example in qml?17:52
rinigussure. at least it works on sfos and other places.17:52
riniguslet me see where are examples17:53
rinigusMister_Magister: see
Mister_Magisterdon't need anything fancy just scaling, paning/zooming, adding markers or routes17:53
rinigusMister_Magister: you will need maps source. online or offline17:54
Mister_Magisterelaborate (online)17:54
rinigusapi described at
rinigusfor online - see pure maps for possible sources.17:55
Mister_Magistermkay, osm will do17:55
rinigusthere are few more that would make sense as well.17:55
Mister_Magisterthank a lot17:55
Mister_Magisteri need basic functionality nothing fancy17:55
rinigusMister_Magister: it usually creeps in. anyway, ask if you get in trouble. you could also compile mapbox-gl-native and qml plugin on PC and then test on that17:56
rinigusway faster to develop17:56
rinigusMister_Magister: if you decide to build it on PC, use branch and see how it is packaged in RPM17:59
Mister_Magisternaaah ill use sfos18:00
rinigusqml plugin is easier - just use master18:00
rinigusMister_Magister: sure, as you wish. then use chum repos for mapbox plugin :)18:00
Mister_Magisterchum repos?18:00
riniguslibs are there18:02
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