Monday, 2021-09-06

piggzlbt_: whats the chance of the "add file" feature in OBS allowing > 1 file?10:30
mardymal: here it is:
malmardy: as you can see the device only supports up to radio@1.2 so my changes won't help with that10:51
fredldotmeIs someone with some droidmedia experience around?11:03
fredldotmeI'm now trying to write an H264 encoder using droidmedia, to allow screencasting using Miracast on Ubuntu Touch (does Lipstick have a way to pass screen contents? Maybe you can profit off of that if you like the license)11:08
lbt_piggz: ?11:12
lbt_you should probably just use osc if you want to do more11:12
lbt_it's pretty trivial to use from the command line in the sdk11:12
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fredldotmeAlso, is there interest in an API extension for droidmedia to import ANativeWindowBuffers wrapped so that one can use it as a DroidMediaBuffer?11:15
lbtfredldotme: I think this kind of question is very easily missed on irc. The community meeting is a much better place to ask.11:17
fredldotmeI thought the community meeting channel is just for regular meetings, but of course I can ask there too. Thanks.11:18
lbtit's a really good place to get your questions to be considered by jolla engineers11:18
lbtof course the answer may be no - but the community question approach is quite 'formal'11:19
lbtit ensures that there's a bit of a bar to jump over to make sure the asker is prepared to put in energy11:19
lbtbut in return the question is chased internally and an answer is far more likely to come out11:20
fredldotmeWell I'm willing to make the contributions and do it upstream-first, that shouldn't be a problem. Just to be sure, we're talking about #sailfishos-meeting?11:20
lbtthe chances of a droidmedia guy stumbling over this in irc is ~zero :)11:20
fredldotmelol I figured11:20
lbtyes, that channel - but there is a way of submitting questions - check out the forums11:21
lbtfredldotme: ... there's one on the 9th so that's good timing11:22
fredldotmeAnd the proper way to ask is to add a note in the current community meeting with a proposal I guess?11:25
lbtfredldotme: also pose your questions in Platform Development or Hardware Adaptation sections11:26
lbtand yes - see the post for the meeting on 9th11:26
lbtso simply add a question using the template as others have done. Note that sledges is the sailor coordinating the meeting (also he may know the answers)11:27
lbtand see #sailfishos-porters channel11:27
piggzlbt: yeah, i suspected osc would be the answer ... i need to get more used to using it11:29
fredldotmeI hope sledges recognizes me by my old name, I used to be a SfOS porter after all :)11:32
fredldotmeThanks for the hints11:32
lbtfredldotme: remind him and welcome back ;)11:32
lbtpiggz: it's very rarely used nowadays - I mainly use it when I need to debug serious stuff in the OBS - or to do API things11:33
lbtwhen webhooks gets a makeover I hope that will reduce the need for it too11:33
piggzlbt: the main pain point is uploading the 9 -hal rpms manually11:49
piggzeverything else is just a service trigger11:49
malpiggz: what problem are you trying to solve?13:50
malpiggz: I use osc to upload droid-hal rpms, quite simple13:51
piggzmal: yes, i should do that too13:51
malpiggz: so "osc co some:project" to get initial version ,then remove rpm files from the folder, run "osc ar" to make it notice the removal, then copy new rpms to the folder and again "osc ar" and finally "osc ci" to upload the changes13:52
malthe reason for the osc ar stuff is to make sure any file with same name are correctly updated13:53
nesmyslhello, is this channel appropriate for openrepos / storeman related issues?17:18
NicoProbably the closest you can get17:29
nesmyslok, thx.  i have sfos, storeman 0.2.9, and fernschreiber 0.9-3 installed using storeman.  tapping http(s) links in storeman (at least) starts or foregrounds fernschreiber which then seems to go into a tight loop, and i have to reboot the phone using the power button.  i installed a bunch of other things with storeman between the fernschreiber install and noticing the17:30
nesmyslproblem, and have no clue where the bug lies.17:30
Nicosounds like an issue with the share stuff changes in
NicoI would file a bug in the forums17:31
attahin fernschreiber, it is poorly behaved and takes highest priority on opening http(s) stuff17:31
attahbeen this way since forever17:31
NicoIt shouldn't hang the phone though17:31
NicoAlthough if it only hangs fernschreiber, it probably makes sense to file an issue against that17:32
attah^ +117:32
nesmyslit doesn't *hang* but i can't leave the app, swipes show the other screen and then it bounces back.  the animations become quite choppy so i think the cpu's busy.17:32
NicoWell, that sounds less than ideal. Maybe it tries to invoke the default http handler, if it can't handle the link?17:33
NicoSo it opens itself again17:33
nesmyslwill disabling "open-with menu integration" in fernschreiber settings fix the problem?17:34
nesmyslwell i'm going to try anyway17:34
NicoIt's worth a try, I don't know :D17:35
attahif it doesn't, you have big problems :)17:35
nesmyslif it doesn't i'll just use another telegram client17:35
nesmyslthe android one ("telegram floss" iirc) worked okish (stuck in portrait, no other issues)17:36
nesmyslok that fixed it17:37
nesmyslone more thing: i have firefox installed using ffupdater, can it receive http(s) link taps from other apps, like storeman?  right now tapping a link opens the default browser.17:44
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Renaud[m]You can using aliendalvik-control18:07
Renaud[m]And you might also need mimer to change the handler18:09
Flohackmal: We are trying to check that patch with repackaging into our repo and letting CI build that, but sometimes this takes a while. We also think that maybe specifying a lower default ril interface version of only 1.1 could help. Its somewhere defined in the code20:31
malFlohack: do you use which ofono on your system?20:31
Flohackmal: its our own downstream packaging of your stuff ^^ you want to take a look at
malFlohack: if you use the same ril driver that sailfish does then it could help20:35
Flohackmal: Yes it should be identical. Thats why I say, we are testing it, but it will take a bit of a time. Feel free to merge it on SFOS side if its deemed useful though :)20:41

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