Wednesday, 2021-09-08

Flohackmal: Good there seems to be a working fix :)08:37
xybhello,How do I install these dependencies in SDK cross compiling platform?      pkgconfig(android-headers) pkgconfig(hybris-egl-platform) pkgconfig(libhardware) pkgconfig(libsync)09:22
StanTHi, I hgesst pigzz might be a bit busy, but is there any hope for Advanced Camera fix for SFOS 4.2? It's one of the few apps I consider mandatory for SailfishOS.12:42
lol-md5trying to run sailfish on my pinephone. i get to the lockscreen, and there's an arrow pointing left, but swiping from the right edge of the screen does nothing. what am i doing wrong?21:00
lol-md5it's a pinephone community edition21:00
malpiggz: ^21:00
piggzlol-md5: solution is on the forum .... and i think it is fixed in 4.2, the next release21:02
lol-md5ok, i can mount the 49M root partition21:06
lol-md5er wait21:06
NicoHm, how long should I reasonably wait before I can ask around for sailors to look at my PR and give feedback? <321:06
lol-md5sorry that was the Jumpdrive partition myb21:06
malNico: which PR?21:06
NicoOn Sailfish-browser:
NicoIt probably needs input from design, if that is actually a reasonable direction21:07
Nico(I have a few more things, where I think the new design could be improved as mentioned on the forum)21:08
piggzNico: Soon (tm)21:09
NicoSo I should never ask for feedback, got it! ;p21:09
malNico: I'm trying to understand the description, what kind of popup do you mean?21:10
NicoThe new one in the bottom right21:10
NicoWhere the new tab and such was moved21:10
NicoAnd with that we lost the ability to quickly close a tab, which got annoying quickly after a page opened a new tab without me asking a few times21:11
malwas that change in 4.2.0?21:12
NicoIt is in 4.2.0 by accident21:12
malok, need grab some device with 4.2.0, I have only one with that version21:12
NicoIf you open the menu on 4.2.0, you can't click the close tab button21:12
NicoWhich by many got interpreted as "this is now the close menu button"21:12
NicoWhich felt like a slap in the face, if you use the close tab button often21:13
NicoBuuuut, it was just a bug21:13
NicoBut on "next" the button got removed completely, because it didn't work anymore... D:21:13
lol-md5piggz: i created those two files but no dice21:14
Nico(Apart from that I really enjoy most of the browser improvements though)21:14
piggzlol-md5: double check, for me, unlock comes back as-soon as those files are created21:15
lol-md5looks like i didn't unmount it cleanly so the second one didn't stick21:16
malNico: yeah, that button is a bit odd, the x, I always close tabs from the tab view so I hadn't even noticed that21:16
NicoI never use the tab view to close tabs :D21:17
NicoApart from "close all"21:17
NicoAlso the tab view got a lot slower on 4.2.0, so it would take 5 seconds to close a tab, completely unacceptable of course ;p21:17
Nico(I will fix this next, if the review isn't too harsh <3)21:18
NicoSee for a comparison21:18
malinteresting, I will ask others to check if there is still such delay in devel21:20
NicoIt seems to only happen if you have around 500 tabs open or more21:21
NicoI'd say that is not the normal use case21:21
NicoI just have bad habbits :321:21
* Nico looks at desktop firefox with 1500 tabs21:21
mala bit like my text editor session, 488 open files21:22
NicoThat's why you use Vim :321:22
malI do use vim or nano sometimes, depends on what I'm editing21:23
NicoAnyway, I'll probably look into the slow down, if none does it before me and outside contributions actually have a chance of getting merged. (Not that I expect them to not be, but I contributed to some other projects recently, where it took half a year to get the first person to look at it and over a year to merge...)21:24
lol-md5how do i install android apps?21:27
Nicolol-md5: You can't on the pinephone. You need an officially supported device, which the pinephone currently isn't (it's a community port)21:28
NicoThat may change in the future, but we have no idea if that will actually happen or when, so don't wait for it21:29
malNico: just noticed this in next branch
NicoYes, my PR reverts that as the first commit and the description should mention that21:34
malah, didn't notice that21:34
NicoAnd it is why I decided the button not being clickable was an accident :D21:34
Nico(Thanks for looking at this btw!)21:36
malI don't use browser that much on phones to notice such things21:37
NicoI use it a lot and recently it has become pretty good :321:38
NicoOnly like 3 popups, that I couldn't close in the last 2 releases21:38
malyes, it has improved a lot21:39
Nico(I currently try to not use the Android support on my 10 II at all and so far it works fairly well. A few small things missing, but I'll try fixing some of them and the rest will probably be fixed at some point by someone)21:42
malNico: what are those missing things?21:53
NicoMostly small stuff, I don't remember it from the top of my head. A lot of it is documented on the forums :D21:54
NicoNo apps to use the electric scooters for example in my city and other minor stuff, that isn't necessary, but would be nice to have21:54
NicoAlso indexing files is still broken, if they have no create date or so, I think (on 64bit, on 32bit they just have a weird date)21:55
NicoGiven enough time those things will solve themselves, one way or the other :D21:55
NicoI also recently started to use the lpm screen, which looks really lovely21:57
malNico: what does that indexing issue cause?22:31
NicoWell, no files in the gallery and audio player :D22:31
malI haven't had issues with indexing22:32
NicoI could just touch the files that cause it, but I want to know, once it gets fixed22:32
malhave you made some report of the issue?22:32
Nicomal: Create a file without a creation time or so. The indexer will crash, because the year has too many digits22:32
NicoYes, gimme a sec22:32
NicoShould be detailed enough22:33
NicoI was promised an upgraded tracker in one of the next releases, but afaik 4.2 was already forked22:33
Nico(I couldn't figure out what tracker repo and branch was correct, so I didn't PR a fix)22:35
malNico: does 4.2.0 still have tracker 2.x probably does22:36
NicoDoes 4.3 have the tracker upgrade?22:37
NicoAfaik in tracker 3 or so that issue is fixed22:37
mal you can see 3.1.2 in there22:37
malwhich has the fix you linked22:38
NicoYep, that should be fine22:40
NicoSo whenever the tracker upgrade lands, this should be fixed :322:41
malyou can see it was merged 2 months ago and 4.2.0 is not even released to public yet which could give some hint22:42
malof course it's not in 4.2.0 as you can see22:43
NicoUhm, I'm fairly dense, but since the first translation round for 4.3 already started, it is only a matter of months then? :D22:43
malsomething like that22:59
NicoThank you for the insights, I'll probably go to bed now, so that I don't miss the meetings tomorrow :323:00

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