Saturday, 2021-10-02

riniguspiggz: I presume you noticed that gbinder-python has missing dependencies in chum:testing06:47
piggz[m]Rinigus, not yet, submitted and went to cinema :)07:49
piggzrinigus: hmmm, so, that would mean chum would depend on hw:common.... thoughts?08:00
riniguspiggz: noh, I think it is not very good... what was that gbinder-python for?08:01
piggzrinigus: for waydroid08:02
riniguspiggz: that sounds like maybe we should make separate OBS repo/project for it?08:03
piggzrinigus: sure, its not ideal to depend on hw:common ... would get messy with offical devices08:04
riniguspiggz: right! forgot 'bout those official ones08:06
piggzrinigus: the ther option would be to get mal to add it to hw:common. ..... but that might be a little contentious :D :D08:15
riniguspiggz: I think if you start with separate repo at OBS for wayland we can later find it a nice place for it08:18
piggzrinigus: yeah, may work on it today08:20
piggzquite  a relaxing weekend, no big jobs08:21
riniguspiggz: then I'll remove that package from chum as well, right?08:21
rinigusha, gone already :)08:21
riniguspiggz: but what's the state of wayland - have you managed to get it work on hybris device?08:35
piggzrinigus: waydroid ;)08:35
rinigusmixed up - yes waydroid08:35
piggzrinigus: no, am gnna try that today also, but my understanding is it works08:35
piggzplanning to switch my daily driver to volla08:36
riniguswhat is it now? pro1?08:36
riniguspiggz: btw, have you seen discussion regarding chum and amazfish at fso? sounded like amazfish is also missing from chum ...08:38
piggzrinigus: yes, currnetly pro108:39
piggzrinigus: i havnt ... instructions are on openrepos .... install chum, install amazfish from openrepos08:39
piggzbut yes, if we are going all-in now that can change08:39
riniguspiggz: in my case, I will keep Pure Maps at openrepos as well. but it does make sense to have it in chum too. if you already packaged all dependencies in chum, should be simple to add amazfish to it08:47
hnjany idea where to buy a fairphone 2 (in switzerland)?12:08
hnjor whether fairphone 3 or 4 are or will be supported by sailfish?12:09
poetasterhnj: fairphone3 support is mal's thing. I think he did get it released, but you'd have to look on the fairphone forum12:57
poetasterhnj: I just saw that my dealer is out.13:04
hnjpoetaster: thanks, doesn’t seem so13:05
poetasterpiggz: does advanced cam support multiple cameras on volla ?13:05
poetasterhnj: I'd sell mine, but I'm still using it to test software on v. 3.4 ... I'd post a question on the fairphone forum. or ask mal there.13:06
poetasterhnj: I have had good experiences with the volla phone. I have the volla phone and it's generic cousin the gigaset GS29013:08
hnjpoetaster: sailfish runs on volla?13:14
hnjnvm, seems so13:17
hnjpoetaster: thx13:17
hnjoh, also not officially supported /-:13:26
u0_a168I remember there was a sailfishos based project, but one that aimed for a open ui13:26
u0_a168what was its name?13:26
malpoetaster: I have been again too perfectionist and haven't managed to release fp3 port13:34
malhnj: ^13:35
poetastermal: in view of the forum noise, I don't blame you ;) But, really, version 3.4 for FP3 would be great. I think I'd take my time with the 4 series.13:42
poetastermal: but I don't mind rough edges.13:43
poetasterback to volla testing. butterflies on the asters need a 4.2 advanced camera treatment.13:44
malI probably won't release any old versions13:45
malsfos 3.4 aarch64 support was a bit problematic13:45
piggzmal: what are your blockers?13:46
poetastermal: is the FP3 aarch64?13:46
malpiggz: some ugliness in fingerprint handling13:47
malpiggz: also issues with lvm build13:49
poetastermal: thanks. but honestly, piggz arm32 build for volla is great:) I still haven't moved to 4.2 since I have MORE bugs there than 3.4.13:50
poetastermal,piggz: I'm trying to collect the 3.4 vs. 4.2 bugs as we speak.13:51
malwhat kind of bugs?13:51
piggzpoetaster: of my build?13:51
piggzi think 4.2 works way better than 3.413:51
poetasterpiggz: the first web page I open everyday no longer opens. at all. SailfishHN doesn't display all comments (the python app does, but doesn't support commenting)13:55
poetasterpiggz: the mtp mounting sporadically doesn't respond after multiple plugin plug out13:55
poetasterpiggz: there's more. I'm working on it.13:56
poetasterpiggz: just now, on trying to copy a 2GB backup file to 4.2, gave up the ghost.13:56
poetasterpiggz: but it might have copied the file.13:57
piggzhmm, all odd ones13:57
malwould be helpful to know which website fails etc13:58
poetasterSailfishHN is in c and the other one in python. I looked at the code, but haven't had time for real debuggin.13:59
poetasterWhisperfish also doesn't work properly on 4.2 and did on 3.4 but since the last update, it's also flaky on 3.413:59
rubdos[m]What's become flaky about it?14:01 one other user confirms (we did launch from cli, no javascript errors) one user says, works for me14:01
rubdos[m]The 4.2 problem, if that's the audio-not-playing thing, that's not since the last update; it's due to SailfishOS's Jail :-)14:01
poetasterrubdos: I went back to 3.4. required reseting. so I removed all files in .local and .config14:01
rubdos[m]Hmm, that shouldn't have been14:02
rubdos[m]There's nothing inherently different that I do when "moving to" 4.214:02
poetasterrubdos: then I went throught the procedure. seemed to work. but, I can't initiate contact anymore.14:02
rubdos[m]yeh, that's a known issue sadly :/14:02
poetasterrubdos: then, this morning as I was about to prompt from my GFs phone, it wouldn't excpet my password.14:02
poetasterrubdos: so I sighed and went through registration again.14:03
rubdos[m]That's new, the password not working. I'd love to read logs about that14:03
rubdos[m]Please do file an issue if you'd happen to see that again!14:03
poetasterrubdos: I'm thinking of first stepping a version or two back (on 3.4) and testing if I can prompt connections, which used to work.14:04
rubdos[m]It probably wont. You're free to test, but it's a thing that changed server-side14:04
poetasterrubdos: vis. audio, I thought that might be it.14:04
poetasterrubdos: when did it change server side?14:05
poetasterALL: is there a way to replay a backup from /home/defaultuser ? backup in settings just wants me to insert a card14:05
rubdos[m]months ago already, but it takes effect gradually for all users14:05
rubdos[m]gradually over all of your contacts, that is14:06
rubdos[m]It's got to do with how to retrieve your contact's key. Previously, it was based on phone number, and gruadually, these pre-keys are being reset and made only available via their UUID. Our initial contact procedure is still on phone numbers.14:06
poetasterrubdos: ah, ok. So I'll just keep trying to use it. But I can't go to 4.2 because THE person who contacts me the most leaves bloody audio messages.14:07
rubdos[m]If you want me to guide you through the workaround on 4.2, let me know14:07
rubdos[m]it's not too difficult14:07
poetasterrubdos: for audio? is there a thread, I'll go read it.14:08
rubdos[m]added it to the faq yesterday14:08
rubdos[m]just a sec14:08
rubdos[m]no problem!14:08
poetasternow, recover from backup anyone?14:08
poetasterpiggz: finally saw Encryption(community) ... moving to fast (with blurry vision)14:09
u0_a168is nemo just sailfish without the proprietary ui bits?15:32
attahpiggz: did you see my forum PM from last week?18:10
piggzattah: i did, been meaning to talk to you about it ... whats your thoughts18:19
attahWell, i don't have much more thoughts than what i wrote18:20
attahLet's get a couple of devices to PoC level, hook up some diagrams and basic storage18:21
attahBut i also wouldn't want to pressure you into something by announcing anything without checking18:22
attahIdeally the project grows legs and gets a maintainer, at least for some specialized application18:25

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