Friday, 2021-10-08

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frojndAm having trouble with backing up to nextcloud13:54
frojndHow can I debug this?13:54
frojndUnder Accounts I select nextcloud and then I tyry  to Sync13:55
frojndBut nothing happens13:55
frojndAt least I don't see any change13:55
frojndBut from journalctl -xaf I can see this:13:57
frojndMore logs here:
frojndSailfish nextcloud-images-client[13947]: [C] unknown:0 - Nextcloud Images sync failed: 40114:01
frojndAny ideas?14:01
frojndThat's  weird I'm tailing nextcloud.log and it never hits the server15:34
poetasterfrojnd: this is sync from within the 'accounts', settings app?16:27
lbtif anyone see matthias/hugehead then please tell him to ping me - I replied but he was using a guest login16:30
frojndpoetaster: yes16:34
frojndBut maul backup also fails16:35
frojndWell that's interesting. It fails to backup to sdcard too: "mkdir: can't create directory '/home/nemo/.local/share/system/privileged/Backups-tmp/units/sailfish_backup_2021-10-08T16-38-31Z/Notes/': No space left on device\n"16:43
frojndIt appears I'm missing space on my / ?16:43
frojndActually my /17:06
frojndWill upgrade to 4.2 and tried with clean nextcloud17:15
frojndWeird though... other clients have no problems17:15
enderbackup to nextcloud works completely randomly for me18:57
endermost of the time it fails, but every now and then it works for a few days in a row18:58

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