Sunday, 2021-10-10

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poetasterpiggz: confirmation that screenshot on volla boots phone. now if it was a post sync reboot, maybe I wouldn' mind.10:45
poetasterrinigus: I'm wondering if there is a way I can get obs meta flags (for repos) to work in my personal projects like in chum12:36
poetaster<build><disable/><enable ..> doesn't work in my personal context. how do I set it up?12:37
riniguspoetaster: should work the same way. but you need to have several targets defined12:53
rinigusin principle, chum or your home repo should be all the same for OBS12:54
riniguspoetaster: should I limit the targets for Mahjong in chum as well?12:57
riniguspoetaster: and when disabling repos, please disable specific ones and let the rest be enabled automatically. As soon as the next SFOS release will hit OBS, I guess you want it to be compiled for it.12:59
rinigusRight now solution was based on what's easy today and let the "future poetaster" sort it out when the problem will hit us12:59
riniguslet's take good care of "future poetaster"13:00
hnjpiperka client on my jolla1 fails to connect with a ssl handshake failure. uses a letsencrypt certificate. I’m assuming the issue is related to the expired DST Root CA and that the ISRG Root is not in the CA store. anyone happen to know anything about this? what’s the proper way to manage the CA store in sailfishos?13:05
poetasterrinigus: I just limited it in chum.13:06
riniguspoetaster: you mean chum:testing?13:07
poetasterrinigus: I just have a habit of trying it in my project first. the flags in meta work differently13:07
poetastersorry, yes.13:07
riniguspoetaster: for us it is important to have :chum:testing and :chum in sync. otherwise we will loose sleep with piggz while hunting down the differences. please keep meta in sync as well13:09
poetasterrinigus: makes sense. I limited in testing since I'm using libs from > 413:09
poetasterrinigus: since I can only test 4.2 (and 3.4) I disabled all but 4.213:10
poetasterhnj: recent sailfish, including 3.4 don't have a problem with the root cert13:10
riniguspoetaster: yeah, don't worry about extra compilation even if you cannot test the results. users should be able to give the feedback in all corner cases, including older SFOS versions13:11
poetasterrinigus: I try to produce more electricity than I use :)13:11
poetasterrinigus: in any case the build targe symantics are different. that makes it a bit difficult.13:14
poetastercompare and
poetasterrinigus: the latter won't work in my subproject.13:15
riniguspoetaster: you compare project VS package meta. see
riniguspoetaster: OK, to be clear - is this result what you want for the game ?
rinigusor you need to limit it as in ?13:17
poetasteryes, limit like in chum:testing. none of the other builds will work.13:18
poetasterPKGCONFIG += qt5embedwidget is  > 4.x13:18
poetasterI think it's 4.2 only.13:18
poetasterIt is cool, because it makes a lot of html wrappers possible that weren't till now13:19
riniguspoetaster: OK, before limiting, please adjust to make automatic build for SFOS 4.3. possible13:20
rinigusright now, we will have to start enabling them later13:20
poetasteryo. add latest_xxx ?13:21
rinigusno, we don't have latest in chum.13:21
rinigusor, you will have to keep an eye on it and enable them later yourself.13:21
rinigus... and ping us to enable by copy-and-paste from your meta13:22
rinigusin :chum13:22
poetasterah, where do I find the correct repo designation for 4.3?13:22
rinigusit is not known, I guess13:24
rinigusnot released => not in OBS => not in chum13:24
poetasterno worries. I'll keep up. once I'v found a consistant method for the spec. of repos.13:25
rinigusI'll be afk for some time...13:25
poetasteryo. I'll track.13:27
poetasterI'll make a note when submitting in future cases.13:28
kabouikCan anyone remind me how to add a repository from command line with zypper?16:07
kabouikI have the URI ( but it fails to refresh when I use `devel-su zypper ar chum`16:07
kabouikAlright, `devel-su zypper ar` worked.16:27
riniguskabouik: I suggest not to add Chum repo manually but use our installer17:15
riniguskabouik: see - page by mentaljam17:16
rinigusadvantage is that it will swap to new repo when you update your SFOS version.17:17
hnjpoetaster: damn, must be something else then … thank you17:51
poetasterrinigus: piggz included chum with the volla images, I believe it's :
piggzpoetaster: rinigus: yeah, I included chum in the build as an alternative nameso wouldnt clash19:11

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