Tuesday, 2021-10-12

dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ?07:02
chriadamhi dcaliste, I'm ok thanks.  How are you?07:02
dcalisteI'm fine, thanks.07:04
dcalisteI'm looking at the comments you added to the PRs.07:05
chriadamthanks for all of your efforts recently!07:05
chriadamno comments of substance, yet07:05
chriadamI merged the mkcal PR and tagged that one07:05
chriadamI saw the caldav unit tests PR, but haven't yet had time to digest the changes properly.07:07
chriadamalso caldav PR#7 with the minor error code change, that one looks good to me, wondering if there is a way to easily test that "item failure" case in reality?07:08
dcalisteI added a comment. The easiest way is to import an orphan exception via ICS data.07:09
dcalisteIt will showcase of of the different case : a failing upload because of error in the database.07:10
chriadamyep, I guess it cannot generate the series for upsync07:10
dcalisteFor network related issues, it's more tricky without playing with the DB.07:10
dcalisteIndeed, it fails because the ICS data cannot be generated for upload, missing parent.07:11
chriadamaside from those two new caldav PRs, were there any other new PRs which need review?07:11
chriadamI guess the two n-q-p-c PRs are almost ready for merge, just would like pvuorela to take a quick look at those also07:11
dcalisteThat's all for the new PRs.07:12
chriadamgreat.  thanks very much, again.07:13
chriadamregarding the week-view one, I saw that pvuorela has been discussing that one with you07:13
dcalisteYou have the jolla-calendar #309 that goes with https://github.com/sailfishos/nemo-qml-plugin-calendar/pull/707:14
chriadamhopefully that is all going smoothly07:14
chriadamoh!  thanks, somehow I missed that07:15
dcalisteBecause the nemo-qml-plugin is changing the behaviour to overwrite instead of crashing. So we need to warn the user of the action.07:15
chriadamdid I create a bug report for this case already?07:16
dcalisteWell, not crashing sorry, but ffailing to import.07:16
dcalisteThere is a forum entry. Let me find it.07:16
chriadamis this like "Importing multiple instances of same calendar event (with different REVISION) fails" ?07:17
chriadamyes, this one07:17
chriadamok there is JB#5578607:17
dcalisteFor different revisions, I'm not sure. I can check it. And add the bug id.07:18
chriadamthank you07:19
chriadam(either way, that bug number will do, as it's about import failures, and links to that forum link in the bug, so it's definitely related)07:19
dcalisteI will also look at pvuorela PR in mKCal this week.07:20
chriadamthank you.  it's basically moving toward a "schema versioning / upgrade" system07:21
chriadamsimilar to what is used in qtcontacts-sqlite, I guess.07:21
dcalisteIndeed, I gave a quick overview last week, but I wanted to spend a bit more time on it.07:22
chriadamthanks very much07:22
chriadamis there anything else to discuss this week?  @flypig did you have anything?07:23
dcalisteThere is also jolla-calendar #310. Pvuorela already gave a deep look. So it's on going work.07:23
chriadamyes, I think he needs to discuss the license question with management, I guess07:23
chriadamthe feature itself is looking great already07:24
dcalisteYeh. That would be great if it could be BSD (or other) in the main repo.07:24
chriadamyep, let's see07:24
dcalisteThere still the possibility to create component package with a dedicated license.07:24
dcalisteBut Sailfish.Calendar is already used...07:24
dcalisteAnd it would just have the week view, hich seems a bit overkill.07:25
chriadamhopefully it's not required07:25
chriadamanyway, let's see :-)07:25
dcalisteOk, indeed let see and discuss when there are news in that direction.07:26
dcalisteThere is maybe one last think : https://github.com/sailfishos/contactsd/pull/1 mostly targetting at flypig.07:27
chriadamthanks let me check07:27
dcalisteI cannot reproduce what some users are reporting on the forum which makes the PR a bit fragile.07:27
chriadamyeah, having no consistent repro is unfortunate07:28
chriadambut a speculative fix is fine so long as we're confident that it won't cause a regression, of course07:29
chriadamI pinged flypig about that, I guess he hasn't had a chance to review that one yet, unfortunately.07:29
flypigApologies dcaliste, I didn't get a chance to look at that yet.07:29
dcalisteYeh, that's the main problem here, regression could be not very far.07:29
dcalisteflypig, ok, no problem.07:29
dcalisteSo we can discuss this one at a later meeting when you will have time to look at it. No problem of course.07:32
chriadamthanks, let's do that07:32
chriadamanything else to discuss this week?07:32
chriadamif not - thanks very much for your efforts as usual, dcaliste.  I will poke pvuorela again about those two nqpc PRs hopefully get those in this week.07:33
dcalisteIndeed, that's all. Thank you also for the support you provide, all of you, pvuorela, flypig, yourself...07:34
chriadamhave a great week!07:34
* chriadam -> away07:34
dcalistethank you, for you also.07:34
poetaster anyone an idea how I debug /org/nemomobile/lipstick/screenshot  rebooting volla?12:46
poetasternothing in logcat dmesg.12:46
Thaodanpoetaster: journalctl?16:48
Thaodanyou can check pstore if there is something16:49
hnjdoes anyone here use piperka client? does it currently work for you? I’m getting an error "SSL Handshake failed" that I’m trying to fix. Any advice?19:25
hnjIt has started around the time LetsEncrypt’s root certificate expired but I don’t know whether that’s the cause. Any advice how to find out?19:26
endercan you open the site with the Browser?19:51
hnjender: yes19:53
enderI know I saw root_cert_expired (or something very similar) in the browser once, but it seems to have fixed itself on it's own20:01
ender(that is, just after the Let's Encrypt intermediate expired recently)20:01
hnjwould anyone be willing to test the piperka client from the jolla store on their device and let me know if it works?20:22
poetasterthaodan: journalctl froze, as did logcat. nothing.20:23
enderhnj: seems to work for me20:33
hnjender: sailfish 4?20:50
ender4.2.0.21, Xperia 1020:56
hnjender: ok, thanks20:59
Thaodanpoetaster: you can boot to recovery after that happend, ount pstore and check /sys/fs/pstore21:31

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