Wednesday, 2021-10-20

riniguspiggz:: I made an update to waydroid images last night and now they are stuck on lineage boot animation. Tried to setup it all again using lal883 docs, but still same result. Will have to look into it tonight04:53
rinigusRather fragile is the setup of I did something wrong04:54
lal883[m]Oh I was about to attempt an upgrade yesterday evening. Thanks for the heads up there rinigus05:30
piggz[m]Rinigus, guess thats a question for #waydroid/erfan05:49
riniguslal883: not sure what broke for me. will ping there, but don't have logs - will get back only tonight05:50
poetasterThaodan: I had noticed connection issues / latency with a couple of apps on 4.2 where 3.4 still yielded normal results.11:36
poetasterThaodan, but that was not a matter of which network or switching.11:36
riniguslal883: got it "fixed" by removing ~defaultuser/.local/waydroid15:55
lal883[m]rinigus: noted. Thanks.16:14
piggzrinigus: so, waydroid package is ok-ish now?17:17
riniguspiggz: maybe. I am trying now to remove old configs and try to setup from start to test17:26
riniguspiggz: what do you think about renaming gbinder-python package? should we just have python3-gbinder?17:34
piggz[m]Rinigus, yeah, make the change17:36
riniguspiggz: will do17:37
riniguspiggz: should be there. code pushed in gbinder-python and waydroid. you would have to rebuild both and then probably remove python-gbinder-python from device before updating17:51
riniguswill be able to test in 30 min or bit later17:52
piggzrinigus: yeah, im about to eat :)17:52
piggzrinigus: so, what should go in chum, and shuold we document where each package is in the readme18:33
riniguspiggz: we have to figure out where to keep those -open projects. several can or are used by different ports already (fingerprint, for example)18:35
riniguswaydroid is probably port-based, isn't it?18:36
riniguswe can't add gbinder to chum as far as I understand18:36
riniguspiggz: so, right now we have dnsmasq, gbinder-python and waydroid that are needed. out of those, maybe only dnsmasq is safe for chum?18:37
piggzrinigus: yeah .... but18:38
piggzwaydroid package itsself could be in chum, its just python ... but would only be installable if port shipped gbinder-python18:39
piggzand we would then have just one place for it18:39
piggzjust a thought18:39
riniguspiggz: indeed, we can do it that way. and then ask mal on where can we add gbinder-python, fingerprint and, maybe, encryption from sfos-open18:40
rinigusas those can be shared by ports18:40
piggzgbinder-python would be best in common:18:41
piggzas would the others18:41
malhow is gbinder-python device specific?18:43
riniguspiggz: I would think the same.18:43
piggzmal: its not ... it bulds against gbinder, which is in common:18:43
piggzso we cant have it in chum:18:43
malsure you can, libgbinder is in jolla repos on devices since 4.2.018:44
rinigusOK, so that would limit us to 4.2.+18:45
riniguswhich I guess is OK18:45
piggzrinigus: thats fine for these packages18:45
riniguspiggz: chum it is then18:45
malsee the adaptation-common repo in 4.2.018:45
piggzmal: is that the one thats broken for 64bit?18:46
malpiggz: no, I think you mean the temporary issue with adaptation-common which broken the adaptation-community-common repo but was fixed18:47
rinigusmal: what about fingerprint? would that fit common: ?18:47
piggzand encryption^^18:47
malunfortunately any devices which got the broken version will need manual fixing18:47
riniguswith encryption we can see, it was just released. but fingerprint has been stable for a while18:48
malneed to think18:49
malpiggz: so in 4.2.0 device there are 3 adaptation repos now18:49
rinigusso, I would understand the hesitation with encryption. although, it is working great over here :)18:49
piggzi guess also offical encryption can be used by ports ... but for fp, -open is the only option18:50
riniguspiggz: indeed, it is up to the porter to decide which solution to go for18:51
piggzrinigus: so, adaptation-common repo would need added to chum config?18:58
malpiggz: really? I mean if you mean the official repo then it should not be needed19:01
piggzok, i just wondered19:02
malthat should be normally available in the target, hopefully19:02
piggzrinigus: if you have the new python-gbinder package, u can submit it to testing19:02
riniguspiggz: will do in a sec19:06
riniguspiggz: done19:09
piggzrinigus: mal: as i susepcted ... unresolvable19:12
riniguslooks very sad and red19:12
piggzlbt: could maybe advise as to if that repo can be added19:15
riniguspiggz: installed from zero and looks good. they have GAPPS version as well, seems to work as well19:21
piggzrinigus: what is the issue you have with the UI?  i just checked here.... with service stopped, entering UI shows inactive .. start, shows active, close settings and re-open, shows active20:06
riniguspiggz: I have autostart disabled. on boot, when I go to settings, I am getting "invalid"20:07
piggzok, let me reboot20:08
rinigus(and I will go to sleep meanwhile) rather late here20:08
rinigusha, just saw that I get "invalid" if I stop daemon, UI will show inactive. swipe out, get back to Waydroid settings - invalid20:10
piggzrinigus: ok, i too have invalid20:10
piggzwill check why ...20:10
piggzthough, u have other ides too20:10
rinigusgreat! but we should also think what to do with that UI. I presume you saw the issue that I filed in -open/waydroid20:11
rinigusbut I am off now. gn20:11
jules[m]Hi all, i try to install waydroid on oneplus5 port.21:14
jules[m]I have error when i try to init waydroid21:14
jules[m]Perhaps release of python3-gbinder-python is not good for the release 3.421:15
jules[m]Anyone tried install with this release ?21:16
jules[m]The trace of error... (full message at
Ingvixhuh, first time hearing about waydroid. Might motivate me to try to do some porting if it works decently21:27

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