Friday, 2021-10-22

lal883[m]rinigus: Good to hear that. Feels to me that keeping Waydroid running in the background doesn't have a significant impact on the battery.03:37
lal883[m]But then that would also depend on what apps one use in there I guess.03:37
riniguspiggz  did you file an issue with sailtrix?04:32
rinigushnj  what's the device you look for port to? We don't have many, but there are some04:33
riniguspiggz  which sensors? I want aware it supports sensors04:34
piggz[m]I have a template .spec file from erfan for it, need to create package repo06:42
riniguspiggz: but what do they do?06:51
piggz[m]Rinigus: i guuss maps sensorfw sensorss into android, will build later06:54
riniguspiggz: I just hope it is not going to conflict with our hybris sensors07:34
hnjrinigus: gigaset gs29007:41
rinigushnj: was it the same device as poetaster is using? port by piggz - side effect of it? let's see what they will reply to this ping07:44
piggzhnj: poetaster: whats the issue, i missed it07:45
rinigusas far as I understood, hnj is looking for new SFOS device.07:48
rinigusbut let see what hnj will reply07:48
hnjoh, no issue so far. I only just ordered a gs290, it will probably be delivered next week and I wanted to start collecting information about how to install it. my hope was to find information _for users_ in a similar fashion as provided by e.g. lineageos or xda-developers but there doesn’t seem to exist anything like that. I was a bit disappointed by that.07:48
hnjall there is seems to be some website that is designed well and highlights all the great things about SFOS but is ultimately as useful as ads on TV and other stuff aimed at developers but nothing for users.07:51
rinigushnj: that would depend on the port. for tama, I documented these aspects at . flashing is device specific and few other bits as well. if such info is missing for Volla port, please collect info while you install and work on it and contribute documentation of it07:56
rinigusI am sure piggz has somewhere repository with the port issues and docs07:56
hnjrinigus: yep, and with quite a bit of searching the web and asking on IRC, reading forums, looking through github repos, etc. I’ll probably find all the info I need. it’s just a bit sad and a shame that there is no "use sailfish" section e.g. on with a guide for both technical and non-technical users on how to get to use sailfish …08:04
rinigushnj: if we would try to reproduce lineageos "use" section (which is very nice), it will boil down to device-specific install and some bg info. so, in principle, we need a list of ports with the links to similar device specific info. as such, it is not "how to run apps in SFOS" - something that maybe needed as well08:09
hnjrinigus: yeah, that would be a start (: AFAICT currently there isn’t even an up to date list for which devices a port exists. or a table to look up the codename for a device. I had to infer that gs290/volla is yggdrasil from some forum post or something …08:19
poetasterhnj: the GS290 install is simple just using the ubports installer
rinigushnj: agreed, this needs some improvement. same issue was flagged by flypig recently and I think poetaster was working on updated list. or maybe I am mixing up something08:27
poetasterhnj: the ports page I haven't started yet since I'm working on apps but I'll try in the comming week.08:28
poetasterhnj: To install 4.2 I did: 1. ubports installer Volla (which was still 9), 2. update Volla after boot ota to 10, 3. download extract, run flash.sh08:30
poetasterhnj: to install SFOS 3.4 you can just use ubports, BUT, that can't be OTA updated to 4.2.08:31
poetasterhnj: you can probably take a later build since piggz is busy building. so best ask piggz first.08:32
hnjI can’t help but be reminded of nokia in the mid-2000s, but my impression might be wrong of course since I’m not a (mobile) developer: there seemed to have been reasonable effort to build a developer community and incentive to develop for the product but for things to ultimately take off one also needs users … might be cynical, but it feels like the same people are managing SFOS. SFOS08:32
hnjis backed by jolla, right? where is the effort to get people to use this system? is their focus on business customers? I mean, lineageos is 5 years old, SFOS is 8 AFAICT, plus all the time that some of its components have existed already. I hope you understand what I mean. I don’t mean to undermine or badmouth anyone’s work but I’d expect a project with a company behind it to have08:32
hnjmanaged building a more practically useful ecosystem around the system in that timeframe. I just find it sad and a shame /-:08:32
hnjrinigus: good to know things are being worked on, thanks08:33
piggzi guess part of the issue is, offical Sailfish devices will be totally fine documentation wise ... ports are a different matter, we dont have the resources to document everything and could do with help in that regard ... theyrecommunity projects afterall08:34
hnjpoetaster: 'simple' is very relative (; I guess I’ll be able to do that but only since you gave me an up-to-date guide and the correct link to some ci-jobs result (AFAIU). no average user would be able to ):08:35
hnjpoetaster: anyway, thank you, I’ll try it that way08:35
poetasterhnj: absolutely. I've just been running around collecting unmaintained software and pinging devs ... a lot of software can't be installed currently.08:36
hnjpiggz: yeah, exactly my point: that’s IMHO the job for a community manager and that’s something jolla should want to do IMHO08:36
hnjthey’d likely profit a lot from that08:37
poetasterall: I've started 2 wiki style pages, and jojo started
poetasterall: flypig would probably help if we develop a roadplan08:38
piggzrinigus: sensors working here08:44
poetasterall: I'l pm flypig to try to coordinate.08:45
piggzits on my todo to write up instructions for volla/x ... i used to post on xda-ports, but its yet another place to checkup on08:53
poetasterpiggz: I was thinking of a forum category wiki with an overview. but not everybody spends time on the forum.08:54
piggzatleast if we had a page on the forum wiki, we could consolodate everything...08:55
poetasterpiggz: I've asked flypig what he thinks and there are a couple of other users up for it.08:55
piggzwe used to have pages like
poetasterpiggz: yeah I was wondering why those are not the goto anymore.08:58
piggz guess its cos its the old wiki ... we should create new port pages certainly08:59
ViGeJust a small suggestion.. wait a couple of weeks before doing that, we might have something in the pipeline which might affect your decisions09:00
piggzViGe: dont come out with half a story :D09:01
poetastervige: I just pm'd flypig, but it's just a question at this point.09:01
ViGeRight. Well, flypig will probably tell you the same thing.09:03
poetastervige: sure, no thing. lots to do.09:04
rinigusViGe: thanks for heads up. it is OK to come out with the half-story when it is the only part that can be told09:04
rinigus... although that cautious approach of Jolla doesn't seem to disappear in time, unfortunately09:05
piggzrinigus: lol, seems waydroid-sensors isnt needed ....  i killed the daemon and sensors still worked in waydroid09:43
piggzrinigus: ignore that ... waydroid starts the daemon itself09:46
piggzlooks like it handles itself
piggzattah: sorry for not getting back about health monitoring ... what are your thoughts?09:57
riniguspiggz: so what do these sensors bring into waydroid? screen autorotate? something else?10:12
piggzrinigus: yes..10:14
piggzlight, prox, accel, gyro working here10:14
riniguspiggz: sounds good. is this package expected to go to chum or into device port repo?10:15
piggzauto-rotate works in whatsapp/guardian10:15
piggzrinigus: chum i hope, i submitted to testing, lets see if it builds10:16
piggzthen i will update the waydroid .spec to require it10:16
riniguspiggz: it is for testing - but please specify revision in there10:38
riniguspiggz: is tablet (i486) discontinued now? is there any specific reason why we don't have hw:common for i486?10:42
piggzrinigus: no, my tablet works10:44
piggzrinigus: also,there is generic x86 port10:44
riniguspiggz: I had to disable waydroid builds as we don't have gbinder for x8610:45
riniguspiggz: so, what do we do? setup separate repo with just gbinder in it and use that instead of hw:common? as suggested yesterday in form of sailfishos:chum:support: and add gbinder package corresponding to that particular SFOS version to it?10:48
rinigusis gbinder available for x86?10:48
piggznot even sure10:52
riniguspiggz: looking at SPEC nothing special is needed: . should work for x8610:54
piggzrinigus: tagged sensors, trasnferring to sailfishos-open10:54
riniguspiggz: great!10:55
piggzrinigus: can you confirm if sensors works for you10:58
riniguspiggz: that would have to wait till the evening :)11:01
piggzrinigus: should waydroid Require waydroid-sensors, or Recommends: waydroid-sensors?12:05
riniguspiggz: let's make life easier - require. otherwise you get those users that will be asking why my <insert some obscure game name here> does not rotate when everyone else said it would13:15
riniguspiggz: looks like the sensors are working. just tried to rotate screen and it was picked up15:06
piggz[m]cool, back home now, will sort the packaging15:07
ThaodanI've updated the SailfishOS IRC app to allow for translations:15:20
ThaodanIf someone speaks a language other than English now you can have it translated.15:20
ThaodanWould be great to see some PRs15:20
piggz[m]rinigus: i think we're good in testing: now ... promote?15:46
riniguspiggz: I guess so. bugfixes can be released as we go through them16:45
lal883[m]rinigus: piggz if I install the Waydroid package from Chum, would I have to waydroid init again if I already have Waydroid images manually, Any clue?17:23
riniguslal883: those packages assume you have it as symlink /var/lib/waydroid -> /home/waydroid . if that is OK, you should be fine. I would suggest to remove .desktop files from .local/... that waydroid generated17:26
riniguslal883: packages are not promoted yet, wait a bit, I'll start promoting them (cc piggz )17:27
lal883[m]rinigus: Oh, Okay. thanks.17:33
riniguslal883 and piggz :  packages are in sailfishos:chum17:36
rinigusfor aarch64 and arm717:36
lal883[m]Thanks. Trying soon.17:43
lal883[m]I updated the images by the way. For some reason I feel the Waydroid Open Camera focuses better than Sailfish Stock Camera on Tama.17:44
lal883[m]rinigus: ^17:45
lal883[m]Sorry, don't mind it. Not correct. It just happened to focus better the few times I tried earlier. Can't reproduce17:47
piggzrinigus: thx, just been out with dog17:50

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