Saturday, 2021-11-20

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x2sthe updater told me to remove a few packages to not have problems while upgrading18:12
x2sso I removed those packages with pkcon, but the updater never updated its view. So how do I know if the system is happy?18:13
hnj'grml' the patch to move the clock away from under the notch is not compatible to 4.3 /-:19:19
x2sI read something in the update notes about being able to configure what applications do start after a reboot. How do I configure that?19:20
x2sI haven't found a dialog to so yet19:20
* hnj rages at that design fail … he’d rather have 0.5cm less screen estate than that fscking v-notch in the display causing all kinds of problems. it’s basically a problem in every single app because all entries in pulley menus are centered and therefore basically hidden by the notch. pulling them down far enough to be readable, highlights the entry above. gaaaaaah19:21
x2shnj: what kind of phone?19:22
hnjx2s: volla/gigaset gs29019:22
x2swhoever got the idea to place things inside the screen needs a LART...19:23
hnjagreed. the rounded corners of the screen would also peeve me for similar reasons were it not for the notch. the notch is so stupidly braindead that the rounded corners almost become irrelevant …19:25
x2swhat is volla phone OS based on?19:27
attahisn't it just an Android skin like almost every other """os"""?19:31
x2s"The Volla OS is based on a free Android without Google and play services and without dependence on a cloud."19:32
x2sAh, found it.19:32
x2sI prefere SF OS then.19:32
hnjx2s: no idea how volla performs on it. ubuntu seemed even worth, I think I couldn’t read the minutes of the time there because it didn’t account for the rounded corners. but I didn’t look at either too closely, they were all just stepping stones to installing SFOS …19:40
x2ssince I've got some understanding of QML now I'm thinking about how to make apps that take care of that gap...19:42
x2sthe best way to do probably is to virtually shrink the screen...19:42
x2sand even then... you would need two top bars then and some code that moves the icons around if necessary19:42
x2sI wonder if the battery status, the clock and the icons are already separate items19:43
x2swould make sense19:43

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