Wednesday, 2021-11-24

rinigusvlagged: let's see how popular it will be. surely here integration can be improved and developed further06:19
lal883[m]rinigus: is there any particular reason for changing default map in online profile to MapTiler from Mapbox? Just curious.07:29
riniguslal883: yes, policy of mapbox vs maptiler with the respect of overusing quota. maptiler stops providing tiles and mapbox will start charging me for "extra" tiles. as we are getting close to free limit with mapbox, I decided to stop providing keys for services that will start silently charging instead of sending warning email and stopping a service till the next month08:13
rinigussuch issue will not happen if users would register directly with the provider08:14
rinigusnow, in principle, would be great to pay for the service of mapbox and others. it's just that they don't have a mechanism for end-users to pay for it08:15
lal883[m]rinigus: thanks. Noted. Maptiles does sound better in that regard.08:33
Ingvixis it so that waydroid won't work on any official sfos devices older than XA2?11:07
poetasterIngvix: my guess is it requires a relatively modern android image (10?) but piggz would know16:11
IngvixI don't think waydroid is quite that restricted to the base android used for the port but I think it requires some kernel features or modules that might not be available on the older ones16:15
Ingvixbut I'm just not quite sure where the line goes16:15
piggzIngvix: poetaster: i think we documented the host requirements on the package readme17:22
piggzSee porter tasks in
Ingvixbut I don't really know which device's kernels were build with those things17:24
Ingvixif any17:32
piggzIngvix: yeah, needs the porter to enable them usually17:33
Ingvixso assumably none of the default kernels on the official ports support waydroid?17:33
poetasterinvgvix: you mean, the jolla sailfishx ports17:34
piggzlbt: flypig: a feww weeks ago, you were saying hold off on documenting things (kinda) and now there is a new documentation site up ... is that what you meant and can we use it? seems more like its just for jolla docs17:35
Ingvixalso including jolla1 and C but for I knew those were probably a lost cause already17:35
Ingvixand probably xperia x as well17:35
piggzIngvix: for official, you might be ok ... they already support the binder nodes and lxc parts required for AD17:36
poetasterah! cool. and tama?17:36
IngvixI see17:36
Ingvixeven the early devices?17:36
poetasterpiggz: the new docs work for me. I hope there will be access. wiki in the forum is painful.17:39
piggzNo idea, but if the community were to gather a list of known working devices, and PR it to the repo that would be a good task17:39
IngvixI could test some if I just get around it17:40
IngvixI got jolla1, aquafish, xperia x and 1017:40
poetastertama port notes:
poetastersorry: here ->
poetasterbut that's XZ2C specific.17:42
poetasterIngvix: lal noted (Oct 9) that numerous ports work:
Ingvixyeah but I'm not really interested in the community ports17:47
Ingvixmainly for the devices I own17:47
poetasterIngvix: probably worth a try installing from chum if, as piggz says, the lxc and binder nodes are there.17:48
poetasterIngvix: I haven't tried yet either. But too many fish.17:52
poetasterpiggz: you're running waydroid on volla for whatsapp & co?17:59
Ingvixhmm, am I right to assume xperia 10 is a hybris and not mainline device?20:00
Ingvixwhen installing waydroid-gbinder-config-* package20:01
IngvixI guess mainline is only for devices that have kernel not build with the documented sfos porting method?20:03
Ingvixthat are not based on some android image20:03
IngvixI guess zypper installs the right one automatically then?20:06
IngvixI'm getting permission denied for /var/lib/waydroid/session.cfg. Should it be accessible to nemo?20:53
Ingvixit doesn't seem to even exist20:59

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