Saturday, 2021-12-11

Mister_Magisterwhere does ssu store repos? i want to copy them over to some other device03:04
Mister_Magisterfoind it03:07
riniguspoetaster: haven't thought about it nor looked into what sailjail changes will bring. as far as I know, osm scout server will stay sailjail-free06:51
schmutzfingerhi all, i wanted to use this saturday for setting up my Xperia 10ii, bootloader is unlocked and now the keeps giving "Permission denied" when trying to download the image for a license i purchased a few days ago ...09:04
riniguspiggz: I will start working on chum.{h,cpp}. will convert it to singleton and then make it packages container. I expect that I will need to change only those files, main.cpp and some QML bits. will submit for review as soon as ready09:10
schmutzfingersorry if this now comes twice ... had to register with nickserv09:13
schmutzfingerhi all, i wanted to use this saturday for setting up my Xperia 10ii, bootloader is unlocked and now the keeps giving "Permission denied" when trying to download the image for a license i purchased a few days ago ...09:13
rinigusschmutzfinger: try to contact their support. sucks that it is saturday, though09:16
schmutzfingerrinigus: thanks, did that just now, was hoping that someone might be hanging around here09:38
schmutzfingeri kind of bet the files are not personalized, but do not want to ask if someone could share a copy of "", but maybe someone else could try and download something in the shop09:40
schmutzfingermaybe the shop has a problem ... or my account has one09:40
schmutzfingercould create a second account and use my voucher, if someone confirms that it works in general09:40
schmutzfinger... reveived a voucher for a free second license with my purchase from 12/09/2109:41
rinigusschmutzfinger: just wait a bit and keep the voucher for future :)09:43
piggzhi rinigus, so whats the aim for this first pass?10:09
riniguspiggz: morning? not sure what you mean by "first pass"10:10
piggzrinigus: first set of changes to the gui10:10
rinigusyou mean the ones I'd like to do, as written this morning on chum.{h,cpp}?10:11
riniguspiggz: ^10:11
piggzyeah.... are they done already ? :)10:12
riniguspiggz: no. got an email from maptiler that pure maps quota is exceeded and had to write to them a proposal to start charging end-users for the service. so, was able to start coding just few minutes ago :)10:13
Ketoschmutzfinger: we are aware that some people have trouble downloading the images. the download URLs are signed with the client IP and if for what ever reason cloudfront sees you coming from different IP than what the shop sees, then it will give the "permission denied"10:13
piggzrinigus: ouch :D10:13
riniguspiggz: nope - was expecting it. let's see if they want to help to solve the core of the issue and would allow users to pay10:14
Ketoschmutzfinger: if you are using some VPN or proxy, then maybe try the download without that10:14
piggzyou do that, i can do amazfish weather support for pine time10:14
Ketoin any case, I'll try to get the issue fixed during next week10:15
riniguspiggz: great plan!10:17
schmutzfingerKeto: thanks for the insights, will switch networks ... no proxies but DS-Lite, which could cause fun i guess10:18
riniguspiggz: the weather support - maybe should add that to pure maps to show current whether at displayed location. could be handy. especially if it is easy to nick it from amazfish :)10:19
piggzrinigus: yeah, getting the weather info is easy ... i stole it from sfietkonstantin :D10:21
piggzits in lib/weather10:22
schmutzfingerKeto: tried many networks ... disabling IPv6 did the trick in the end ... LOL, and Thanks soo much!10:27
Ketoschmutzfinger: thanks for the info, the ipv6 thing is actualy the most obvious cause for this, but for some reason I had not thought about that :)10:39 is still ipv4 only, hopefully we'll get to fixing that soon too10:41
schmutzfingeris it? dig AAAA gives me 3 answers10:48
Ketohmm, so it does... right, it was another thing where ipv6 did not play well and we had to disable it... so there is actually some other issue with ipv6 and shop and the download links11:02
schmutzfingerKeto: who knows, i hope you guys will figure it out. i updated my ticket and mentioned that you helped me, also offered to do same v6 download testing ... did not yet close the ticket11:04
Ketothanks for all the input, this already makes it a lot easier to figure out :)11:06
schmutzfingerbtw ... flash went smooth, setting things up as we speak11:09
poetasterrinigus: I'm going to go, Jolla store/chum 4 only. Openrepos < 4. I need to maintain 2 branches per app, but a couple of years is probably ok.13:16
poetasterrinigus: I just can't use 4.3 yet. email goes away, websites don't render, odd network timeout issues. Need a 3rd test phonne.13:17
poetastermore serious than anything, tux racer no longer runs on volla 4.3.13:39
poetasterpiggz: did you fix something vis. settings not keeping? seems the last update fixed mail? pin setting still doesn't stick.13:51
piggzpoetaster: volla? no, never touched mail, should have always worked13:51
piggzthat doesnt seem like a port issue13:51
poetasterpiggz: no it didn't and lots of people with sony phones also had similar issues.13:54
poetasterpiggz: have you noted anything odd with network on volla 4.3?13:54
piggz[m]no, i was using it absolutely fine as a DD13:54
poetasterpiggz: hmmmm. wonder what I've done. Need another bloody device. Good thing the vollas are cheap.13:55
poetasterit's very odd, but I can verify that c++ fast iteration over connections times out a bunch. do the same thing in python and you get all results (json arrays).13:56
poetasterI'm just bogged down in bug fixes of apps, so I ran out of time. And now I have to finish the family album, 2021.13:57
poetasterI don't know how you get the swimming in. I hardly get to play drums at all anymore :)13:57
poetasterpiggz: VollaX working?13:58
piggzheh, well, im going out this afternoon and not back until tomorrow :)13:58
piggzpoetaster: yeah, X works13:58
poetasterpiggz: any advantages X over GS290?14:00
piggzpros, battery and rugged, cons screen res14:00
piggzotherwise the same14:00
piggzim a big fan of the pros14:01
poetasterOk. I'll put some money into Volla's boat. Xmas and all.14:02
poetasterpiggz: Where do I look up Categories?14:13
poetasterpiggz: you know these guys ?14:17
piggzpoetaster: i think i saw someone mentino them recently, but no, i dont knowthem14:20
piggzmaybe someone ported something to it i think14:21
poetasterCurious. It's fairphone with somewhat better specs. though I don't know how they source.14:21
poetasterthose categories suck. Settings are not a category, they are an aspect of something that has a category. sigh.14:22
piggzpoetaster: for categories, you could have RTFM :D
piggzwell, they may suck, but im not changing the freedesktop spec :)14:23
poetasterAh, but I may just go for it ;) I sat on standards commitees (XML schema) in the 1990s. Like pulling your own teeth.14:24
piggznice phone, wonder if theyd send me one :D14:25
poetasterOk. so meteorology is subsumed under physics. so a weather app is science news physics (lies and statistics).14:25
poetasterpiggz: I'll see if someone I knows has a contact. there not far from em.14:30
poetastercould not get unsigned 32bit integer from object..15:19
poetasterDo you want to skip it?15:19
poetasterlmtp death.15:19
poetasterpiggz: browse components got fixed, too. slowly looking up for 4.3....16:07
poetasterpiggz: RTFMing again :)16:17
poetasterpiggz: DeveloperName without email?16:57
riniguspoetaster: without email, just name18:27
poetasterrinigus: yo.19:12
poetasteranyone having trouble with sailjail and location?22:42
Thaodanpoetaster: file or location api?22:44
ThaodanYou mean QLocation? I guess the DBUS Api you try to access is not available in the sandbox.22:45
poetasterThe app installs fine. Internet and Location perms displayed. But gps fix does not work. The 3.4 port works fine. Remove Sailjail, works on 4.322:45
poetasterIt's only QML+js22:46
ThaodanYou can try sailfish --trace=DIR to check if you try to use something that's not permitted22:46
poetasterimport QtPositioning 5.222:47
Thaodanthat's the issue22:47
poetasterjeez. I rtfm'd :)22:47
Thaodanoh wait22:48
ThaodanIt's an allowed import as listed in
ThaodanSo if you see that something is behaving wrong please create a post in the forum.22:48
Mister_Magisterrinigus: can you share location from puremaps?22:49
ThaodanBut I suggest running the app with sailjail --trace and see if something is behaving wrong22:49
poetasterThaodan, on it.22:49
poetasterThaodan: Ah. Maybe it's just flaky positioning in 4.3?22:51
Thaodanpoetaster:  idk? logs or it never happened22:51
poetasterThaodan, I'm barking up wrong tree (sad, nice bug report). I'll go find some location bug in the forum. thanks!22:53
poetasterMister_Magister, positioning in Puremaps seems really reliable or?22:54
Mister_Magisterpoetaster: i just want to pick location22:54
poetasterMister_Magister, ditto. In 3.4 I had a really simple method.22:55
Mister_Magisterpoetaster: wdym22:55
poetasterMister_Magister, do you mean, get the tapped on location from pure maps?22:56
Mister_Magisteri'm too lazy to implement entire map page to pick location22:56
poetasterMister_Magister, got ya. My methods are under a bus at the moment so rinigus it is ;)22:57
poetastergrrrr. flake.23:03
poetasterThaodan, /usr/bin/sailjail --trace  is what your after?23:03
poetasterThaodan, it's not Location foo. Other foo.23:10
Thaodanpoetaster:  yes23:20
poetasterThaodon: trace is not verbose enough. ok. off to bed. night all!23:30

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