Saturday, 2022-01-01

bionade24How do you profile your sailfish apps? Seems like callgrind makes the app way too slow to me.13:44
Nicobionade24: Haven't done it yet, but on my desktop I usually use perf17:35
bionade24Nico: I tried with callgrind because that's the tool I know.17:37
NicoTry perf then :D17:38
bionade24Nico: Starting with cmdline, it never run fast enough to make TLS handshakes.17:38
NicoThat's the tool I know!17:38
bionade24With qtcreator, I don't know where my output is. Will try perf, thx17:38
bionade24Nico: Seems like perf isn't available. Is perf easy to build from source?18:15
kimmolirinigus: merged18:17
bionade24Is lbt not there? Seems like OBS search is broken18:18
riniguskimmoli: thank you!18:25
rinigusbionade24: you may have to use `osc` for search18:26
bionade24rinigus: Oh god I hate that tool, but thx. Time to install that again.18:26
bionade24rinigus: Or could you please search once for me if somone packaged perftools?18:27
rinigusbionade24: looks like home:Thaodan:hw:sony has perf package18:29
bionade24rinigus: Thx a lot!18:32
bionade24Is there some way to reset the docker container without the dialog when the ide can't establish a connection?21:40
Nicobionade24: restart the docker daemon? :D21:41
NicoThere are also a few sfdk engine commands to restart/stop stuff21:41
bionade24Nico: Ok, have to look more into that. sfdk really needs manapages these --help menus are too confusing.21:45
bionade24Nico: Why lol? Do you say that because the --help menus require a pager and are like manpages?21:47
bionade24I still don't have references to the other pages, no man -K and no apropos commands.21:49
Nicobionade24: No, because I share that sentiment. I also get quite confused with the sfdk help sometimes!22:02
* bionade24 *glad*22:05
bionade24Addtionally, I have something configured which colotizes manpages so they're much more readable than black/white text22:06

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