Tuesday, 2022-01-04

Renaud[m]rinigus: I see you changed the versioning scheme for emacs in chum, may I ask why was it necessary?09:41
rinigusRenaud: I am going through packages in Chum and adding SPEC sections that would add categories and other metadata to them.09:43
rinigusin the case of emacs, we had interference between OBS version overwrite and its own version handling09:44
rinigusso, if you compile without a tag at OBS, build was failing as version was set to 27.2-master...commitID...09:44
riniguswhich failed on packaging as we have emacs-%{version} in spec09:45
rinigusso, to avoid it, I have added mainversion macro and used it09:45
Renaud[m]ah I see09:45
rinigusas for tagging, OBS prefers format a.b.c... without dashes09:45
rinigusbut that wasn't an issue for emacs09:46
rinigusRenaud: ^09:46
Renaud[m]good to know, thanks09:47
rinigusRenaud: emacs is now rebuilding for chum regular repo and it should get updated there soon (1-2h?)09:47
Renaud[m]that's alright, I was just asking because I received a notification from OBS and I need to prepare for the future version 28.109:49
rinigusRenaud: great! its awesome that you keep it updated :)09:53
Renaud[m]well, I thank all of you for chum and obs, it is really helpful for us simple users09:59
rinigusRenaud: obs is provided by jolla, so we should thank them for it!10:54
rinigusRenaud: when you update to 28.1, please tag as 28.1.0. that will allow you later to update spec and just increment the last version number10:54
Renaud[m]<rinigus> "Renaud: obs is provided by jolla..." <- @rinigus: I know that, that was also directed to them, @lbt in particular13:21
Renaud[m]<rinigus> "Renaud: when you update to 28.1,..." <- will do13:21
piggzrinigus: wondering if we should have a default icon for console apps (and maybe libs) for when theyre not specified16:14
riniguspiggz: try to look at storeman - not sure whether default icon helps. it seems to me that it just adds noise. note that by default we show apps only (desktop and console), so we don't have libs in the lists16:16
piggzrinigus: yeah, it was more for console ... i figured some kind of generic console icon would make the console apps more obvious16:20
riniguspiggz: that could add some info, indeed. so, it would be helpful in this respect.16:21
riniguspiggz: I went through few packages that were either in chum github or directly at obs and added chum spec sections. I can see nephros is going through his work. so, we are getting metadata filled.16:23
riniguswhat I noticed for some packages is that we may benefit from 2 repos: original one and sfos packaging. same goes for author/packager distinction16:23
rinigussee for example bottom of https://open-store.io/app/pure-maps.jonnius (ubuntu touch store)16:24
rinigusright now, we have to choose whether to point to SFOS packaging or upstream repo and whether to state upstream author or packager16:25
rinigusso, maybe we need extra data for packagers. but it could become too loaded as well - having 4 bottom buttons with issues/releases for upstream and packaging :(16:26
riniguspiggz: ^16:26

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