Thursday, 2022-01-13

PReDiToRIs it a known issue for PinePhone 1.1 latest using to not be able to complete the welcome "Encrypt home" wizard with either option?11:10
piggzPReDiToR: what did you flash to?11:48
PReDiToRHi =)  I guess that question gives me my answer. If I'd flashed to eMMC it would have worked, right? SD doesn't?12:00
PReDiToRpiggz: [root@PinePhone etc]# systemctl disable sailfish-device-encryption-community-wizard == problem gone away. Will continue testing.12:08
piggzPReDiToR: before booting, you could also mount the image change change the config file12:08
piggz /etc/sailfish-device-encryption.....12:09
piggzfind the entry for the mount point and change it12:09
PReDiToRGood tip. Much appreciated. Next time I install I'll do that. Hopefully this won't need reflashing for a while.12:11

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