Sunday, 2022-01-16

AntonIXHi, evryone.  Let me register on, please. My email is and AntonIX nickname.09:17
riniguslbt: ^10:12
piggzrinigus: busy afternoon in chum land?16:20
riniguspiggz: looks like it :) . olf got active which is a good news for us16:20
rinigustrying to close as many issues as I can and then we can release gui again16:21
riniguspiggz: hopefully, after that can get back to maps16:21
attahOne never gets done with apps it seems...16:23
rinigusattah: true16:24
attahJust as i thought SeaPrint was nearing feature complete, i found a few nasty layout bugs... and Ubuntu Touch started showing interest16:25
rinigusattah: UT interest is good. do you already support them?16:26
attahno... i want to, but that initial effort has always been too big16:27
piggzrinigus: what apps doe olf do?16:28
riniguspiggz: have to search openrepos16:28
attahbut Alfred forked and started working... so i got in touch, and am counting on him for the initial setup16:28
piggzrinigus: regardless, the more the better16:29
rinigusattah: initial effort is large, but you can then target kirigami as well. with kirigami there is an important advantage - you can develop and test on desktop16:29
rinigusattah: and if someone volunteered - even better16:29
piggzattah: both pure maps and amazfish use a gui anstraction layer to support other systems16:30
attahYeah, that would be neat to have16:30
riniguspiggz: exactly (the more ...)16:30
piggzwe've never quite came up with a finsihed product, so each app tends to have its own fork of them16:31
attahLast i saw the separated project had stalled... so breaking it out isn't happening?16:31
piggzyeah, dylan started16:31
attahSeaPrint definitely has a few "i'll make my own then" parts, so i guess that would be in style16:32
rinigus... and stopped16:33
piggzwould be good to have something you could include as a submodule16:33
piggzattah: feel free to take that on :D16:34
riniguswell, that abstraction is pretty much "finished" for each of those projects that use it. I guess it is not that simple to make it to submodule...16:34
rinigusI would suggest to just use it and adapt to your needs. unless you feel that you would like to do it16:35
attahi'm already 3 submodules deep, how hard can it be?16:35
rinigusattah: that's the spirit!16:38
attahwhat thingy, for lack of a better word, aliases "platfom" to
rinigusattah: cmake or qmake during install.16:43
attahsneaky, simple... i like it16:45
attahBut type help in QtCreator goes out the window, or?16:45
rinigusas a config argument, you give the platform - called FLAVOR in scripts16:45
rinigusre qtcreator - no help. unless you make a sneaky symlink in QML source from platform -> platform.flavor16:46
rinigusthat way you can easily use import "platform" and get your sources "linked" by qtcreator16:47
rinigusattah: ^16:47
attahso what obvious thing am i missing when i think this could be a submodule "platform" with silica, kirigami etc inside, and just a few tweaks changing platform.flavor to platform/flavor?16:49
rinigusattah: don't know unless you try. have to go - good luck!16:51
attahHmmm, smells like a trap (:16:51
*** veremitz is now known as v3r3mitz16:58
rinigusattah: since it is17:39

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