Wednesday, 2022-01-19

humblespiritFreedomAustraliamahi :)01:24
humblespiritFreedomAustraliamawierd.. when running the Sailfish initial Boot, after choosing "Encrypt HOME" folder I got "failed to setup the filesystem. This suggests and error in the device adaptation" error.. Any ideas?01:25
humblespiritFreedomAustraliamaDid I do something wrong? Definitely need disk encryption..01:25
humblespiritFreedomAustraliama* initial Boot on PinePhone (flashed on SD card using script), after01:27
humblespiritFreedomAustraliamaI'm cloning my emmc drive to an external backup, so will try to flash the image this time to the internal emmc. See how we go!03:41
humblespiritFreedomAustraliamaSlow AF :(03:41
humblespiritFreedomAustraliamaIs there a faster way to flash to the internal Emmc?04:37
humblespiritFreedomAustraliamaOk encryption is working now05:42
piggzrinigus: time to release a new gui version?09:17
riniguspiggz: yes, just after that last PR is in. then we would have to regenerate TS and can release09:35
rinigusthat PR is submitted and should resolve volla issue09:36
rinigushmm, I should also submit update for Metadata.md09:37
piggzrinigus: ah, thought id accepted that one, clearly not!09:41
riniguspiggz: thanks! if you have time to make TS updates and release, please do. I'll be able to deal with it later tonight09:43
piggzrinigus: is that just a case of pulling, building in Qt creator, and pushing the TS ?09:44
riniguspiggz: yes. I don't really build in creator but using mb2. however, should have the same effect09:45
rinigusand no need for PR, just push into the main directly09:45
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riniguspiggz: I have started to work on release. will update TS and then publish 0.4.018:56
piggzrinigus: i updated TS?18:57
piggzoh, hangon18:57
rinigus... hanging ...18:57
piggzrinigus: done ...18:58
piggzorigin != the main repo here!18:58
riniguspiggz: ahh, I dropped old one and cloned again. would have had the same issue otherwise :)18:58
riniguspiggz:  I will check those TS by recompiling here and then proceed with the release18:59
riniguspiggz: released and available in chum19:39
attahNico: Success! Thank you :)20:52
Nicoyay! :D20:54
Nico> This will be part of 4.4.0 release.21:01
NicoWow o:#21:01
NicoThat was unexpected :D21:02
attahYes, wow21:02
attahWell, Sailors are humans too... so i bet they were annoyed to to varying degrees21:02
attahHeck, my whining thread made the newsletter, didn't it?21:03
NicoYeah, some sailors also upvoted the PR and asked me about the progress :321:04
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