Thursday, 2022-02-03

piggzflypig: when adding repos to the sdk build engine... is there a newer way easier than ssh'ing in, then using sb2 to add the repo to the target?08:59
flypigpiggz, good question. I think ViGe may be able to answer better, but if I find out before he replies, I'll let you know.09:04
Thaodansdk tools exec <target>09:13
Thaodan*sfdk tools exec <target>09:13
ViGeyeah, sfdk tools exec is always better option than plain ssh09:14
ViGeand you can also use `sfdk tools exec <target> <command>`, e.g. `sfdk tools exec SailfishOS- ssu ar <repo> <url>`09:16
ThaodanThe wiki is so good you can just link to the wiki instead of writing your own build instructions for your app :D09:19
piggzViGe: flypig: Thaodan: thx ... one last bit, which target to get it to be retained... with the new snapshot feature09:21
Thaodanjust use the target directly09:22
Thaodanthe tooling will use the appropriate target (snapshot or not)09:23
ViGepiggz: I would create a custom target for that. Unfortunately we don't (yet) have a really easy way of doing that, so the next best thing could be utilizing the EA targets.09:23
ViGeas I would not want those random repositories polluting the default targets.09:25
flypigViGe, I suppose it would also be possible just to add them to a snapshot?09:43
ViGesure, but then the change will be gone as soon as the snapshot is reset09:44
piggzyeah, thats what I did locally ... im just wondering whats best when i tell someone else how to build amazfish :)09:44
flypigAh, yes, reading back I see that's exactly what you were trying to avoid piggz.09:44
piggzno, i meant i added to the one that it gets reset to09:44
ViGepiggz: You tell them to download rpms x, y and z from location k, store those in directory i, and finally `sfdk config output-dir i`09:46
ViGethat way the user doesn't have to worry about repositories09:47
ViGeyou could also tell them how to build all the dependencies, but that's probably too much to ask...09:48
martyoneIt is also possible to do `ssu ar` in the `pre-pull-build-requires` hook.09:50
ThaodanI don't think downloading dependencies manually is a good idea especially for the target audience.10:24
Thaodanmartyone: pre-pull-build-requires hook of sfdk?10:25
YasigiWalterHi all, am installing SailFish OS on an Xperia 10 ii18:24
YasigiWalterand for some reason the only keyboard I ever get is the numerical one18:24
YasigiWalterwhich makes.... entering URLs in the browser impossible18:25
YasigiWalterany ideas on how to fix that?18:25
attahIt is a known bug that it sometimes gets stuck in numeric mode... yes, that ^18:26
attahBut not permanently...18:26
YasigiWalterThe restore of a backup fails on the notes18:59
YasigiWalterIs there a more fine-grained way to do a restore?18:59
YasigiWalterThough I probably should startpage that one19:02
attahI think the individual restore commands can be found somewhere... but you can also just take out that part from a copy of the backup and try that19:08
YasigiWalterBut can't be arsed to do that for the notes only, now that I have tweaked a lot of things that would be overwritten by another restore21:05

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