Saturday, 2022-02-05

attahflypig: I feel so stupid for not realizing the video was missing - any chance you can swing a summary?16:03
flypigAh yes, of course! Which part did you miss.16:04
attahNot sure why i didn't question it being text-only, but alas16:04
attahThe entire answer to my question (and most of the rest probably)16:04
flypigIt's frustrating that the video doesn't appear automatically.16:04
flypigLet me see. He was explaining how it *is* possible to embed gecko, but it's not easy. He talked about some examples, notably Wine, which apparently embeds gecko.16:06
flypigHe was interested in Sailfish OS and what SF is doing with gecko. He asked some questions, which you'll have seen me answer in the text.16:06
flypigHe also explained a number of other areas that were priority over embedding support.16:07
flypigIt's hard for me to remember the detail beyond that I'm afraid. I hope that sort of answers your question attah!16:08
attahYes, thanks!16:09
flypigattah, thanks for asking your question in the first place. A really nice thing to ask :)16:09
attahSomeone has got to do it (:16:09
attahAnd i'd think the values align enough for it to be relevant16:10
flypigYes, for sure, it's a really relevant question. Obviously it's a shame the embedding hooks aren't a more of a priority for Mozilla.16:11
attahIndeed, and i would have though that with a reasonable abstraction the Android embedding bindings would be open to other languages than Java (horror of horrors)16:12
flypigDuring the talk he mentioned there are different layers: gecko + privileged JS + UI. The UI part is Java for Android. Some of the privileged JS is shared between Android and desktop.16:14
flypigThe difficulty is that on Android the boundary between JS and Java changes. We can't use any of the Java on SF.16:15
attahUgh, that sounds iffy16:17
flypigIt's okay, it just means there's work to be done for each release.16:18

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