Tuesday, 2022-02-08

keithzg[m]Hmm are there any alternate email GUI clients? (Trying on a PinePhone and running into the problems of Gecko crashing, too bad there's no option to just only use plaintext haha)04:23
riniguskeithzg: no, there is no alternative. As it is closed source as well, we can't fix it either.06:20
keithzg[m]rinigus: Alas! That might kill it for the use-case the friend I'm loaning the PinePhone to has, but that's how it goes.06:36
keithzg[m]Maybe he'll be happy just using it as a far less frustrating interface for Reddit than his failing, finicky Android phone :D06:37
deathmistThaodan: mind reviewing the PR itself from yesterday? :p06:47
keithzg[m]Oho, on the Forum someone pointed to https://github.com/sailfishos/gecko-dev/pull/121 so this has actually been fixed, here's hoping it makes it into the next release07:37
pekkaponidcaliste: g'morning08:08
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dcalisteGood morning pvuorela.08:08
dcalisteThank you for the recent DST merge. I need to finish the notification part now !08:09
pvuorelasure, thanks to you too.08:09
dcalisteI've been a bit side-tracked by https://github.com/mer-hybris/ofono-ril-plugin/pull/608:10
dcalisteSlava is reviewing it.08:10
pvuorelalooked like a good catch08:11
dcalisteA funny issue about rejected calls that ring again some seconds after, depending on operator.08:11
dcalisteWhen you can reproduce, it's always easier to look after.08:12
dcalisteAbout pending MRs (almost none remain), I've addressed jpetrell comments on jolla-calendar#312 on the UI part.08:13
dcalisteThe QML bindings are https://github.com/sailfishos/nemo-qml-plugin-calendar/pull/1608:13
dcalisteAnd the caldav changes in https://github.com/sailfishos/buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/pull/1008:13
pvuorelayep, still didn't manage to test that but the changes didn't look too intrusive.08:14
dcalisteYeh, thanks.08:14
pvuorelaone thing again getting my attention is this "web" on the texts :)08:14
dcalisteI'm open to change any phrasing in labels. There was a somehow long discussion with flypig in the initial commit introducing these as far as I remember.08:15
dcalisteAbout intrusive changes, I've finally started to rework nemo-qml-plugin-calendar to get rid of the duplication of incidence data in CalendarData::Event. It is fine if we want to use various backend, but I think KCalendarCore is there to stay.08:16
pvuorelathere has been something but getting lost in the old activity. could comment that more on the PR again and this time not in the changed lines.08:17
dcalisteSo I'm moving KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr as the main structure in the manager and related objects exposing data to QML.08:17
dcaliste^ ok, I'll copy the previous comments in a visible part of the PR this afternoon.08:18
dcalisteAbout nemo-qml-plugin-calendar, these are extensive changes (but keeping the public API), so it's not ready yet and still in progress.08:19
dcalisteI'm tracking the elapsed time to check against any regression,08:19
pvuorelaone immediate concern on incidence::ptr is thread safety.08:20
dcalisteBut doing such a move allow also to remove some quircks like the problem of getting attendees async.08:20
dcalisteAbout thread safety, I've think about it a long time before to check that it will be fine, here is the reasioning :08:20
dcaliste- the worker thread is creating KCalendar::Incidence::Ptr and passing them to the manager, but still holding them also in its own calendar. This can work only if:08:21
dcaliste- the worker thread is not modifying any content of its incidences.08:22
dcaliste- the manager is not doing any modification either.08:22
dcalisteThe two previous points are valid because :08:22
dcaliste- on database modification, mKCal is recreating new pointer for the modified incidences, so the manager is then holding a detached copy of the old version, up to the point the dataLoaded signal is received and the incidence are renewed, as before with the old struct.08:24
dcaliste- for CalendarEventModification, it's always cloning the manager incidence before working on them. So not any modification done in UI is propagated to the database by incidence observer system.08:25
dcalisteAnd, I'm modifying the internal API of the manager to ensure that programmatically one cannot violate the two previous assumption (i.e. it is not exposing the internal KCalendarCore::Incidence::Ptr but always QObject based on it, with or without cloning).08:27
dcalisteThe only issue is that I don't see how to do all these changes adiabatically so the PR will be very long :/08:27
pvuorelaok. but in this case "modifying any content" is roughly the same as calling any method.08:28
pvuorelai.e. just a getter can have internal side-effects that are not thread safe.08:29
dcalisteThis is safe, as long as mKCal is not updating (in the sense of calling a setter on an incidence) any Ptr that are shared with the manager (so the getters on UI side always return the same value whatever happen in the worker thread).08:30
dcalisteAnd mKCal is never updating incidence. It's always creating new.08:31
dcaliste"Modified incidences" are actually removed from the internal calendar (so detached to the manager in that case) before the new version is added.08:31
dcalisteWell, I agree that this is very theoretical at the moment, I've still one or two tests not passing. And then, I need to test on device, in real life.08:32
dcalisteThe final objective (beside decreasing the duplication of code between QML bindings and upstream)) is to support any incidences, not only events for "free".08:33
dcalisteAnd the burden to support a new part of KCalendarCore (like attachment) will com for free also. No need to add lines to copy things from Ptr to CalendarData::Event…08:34
pvuorelaok, let's see. maybe one good thing with copied parts is that we are more in charge of what the qml api looks like.08:35
dcalisteOh, I'm keeping the QML API intact. Just the internal storage in based on KCalendarCore instead of homemade copies. About things that are not 1to1, it's converted when needed y the objects exposed to QML.08:36
dcalisteSo we can still expose what is convenient for the UI part without being tight to rfc5545 view of things.08:37
pvuorelaok, good :)08:37
dcalisteI think I'll publish the PR as a WIP later in the week, but I'll continue to test it for a while before removing the WIP flag.08:38
dcalisteBesides, I'll be on vacation newt week. If you don't mind, we can resume meetings Tuesday 22nd ?08:39
pvuorelasure, sounds good.08:40
dcalisteGreat, thank you very much also for the yesterday's offer.08:40
pvuorelasure :)08:41
dcalisteSo to sum up, I'm going to copy the comments on labelling in jolla-calendar#312 for better visibility and renewed discussion, and publish the notification part of DST work.08:44
pvuorelaalright. i'll comment on the calendar too.08:45
pvuorelaguess we are otherwise done.08:45
pvuorelaor i didn't have anything else at least.08:45
dcalisteYeh, me neither thank you for the meeting today and see you in two weeks.08:45
pvuorelasee you and have a nice vacation!08:46
riniguslbt: this is that annoying daily reminder regarding OBS dod packages. Keto stated that you would have to look into it12:59
lbtrofl - ty13:00
lbtrinigus: looks done now13:22
riniguslbt: indeed. thank you!13:23
piggzlbt: did you see my Q about obs caching?14:02
abransonpiggz: I think tar_git does caching15:37
piggzabranson: thought it must ... frustrating if u accidentally set a repo to private!15:38
abransonIt clones the repos into a local path, then just pulls when rebuilding. Could be that it's caching the failed repo.15:40
piggzit started working again after i renamed the repo15:44
lbtI didn't see. But yes - as abranson says.16:31
nephros-nc-bridge_[nctalk] <nephros> Testing from bridge - is this thing on?18:43
attah*feedback noise*18:44
NicoNo, I think it isn't on18:44
nephros-nc-bridge_[nctalk] <nephros> Thanks - /me silent again18:47
NicoWhat is nctalk?18:47
nephros-nc-bridge_[nctalk] <nephros> Nextcloud talk which can bridge all kinds of things through matterbridge.18:48
NicoAh, nc == nextcloud, ty! :318:49
nephros-nc-bridge_[nctalk] <nephros> So here I'm writing from the SFos nextcloud talk app to my private nc server which has a bridge to IRC.18:50
Nicoand on the other end is me. On my private matrix server, bridged via the libera.chat matrix bridge18:50
nephros-nc-bridge_[nctalk] <nephros> We apparently are living in the future18:51
NicoI'm glad the internet is allowing for such things again, at some point it looked a bit grim :318:51
attahObligatory: https://xkcd.com/927/18:52
NicoI expected https://xkcd.com/1782/18:52
attahI'm not the one bridging though ;)18:54
NicoClose enough!18:54
nephros-nc-bridge_[nctalk] <nephros> I wonder: what if one created an infinite loop of bridges?18:56
NicoBad times :318:57
attahMy friends dad (early IT consultant) put call forwarding in a circle on 4 phones back in the day...18:59
NicoI once had a bot reply loop. Was fun :319:00
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