Monday, 2022-02-14

WikiwideGood question, rinigus: > so, can you port SFOS to your pinephone modem? < Why do we need a second, external OS, if modem already has an OS of its own? I personally am afraid that getting the modem-Android to output anything like GUI to an external display could be a pain - depending on how that USB port connection works, and what other hardware I/O exist for the modem.00:28
WikiwideQuectel EG25-G offers USB 2 high-speed interface. Main UART and debug UART. SDIO x 2 (for WiFi, and for memory card). PCM for digital audio. But I do not see anything about video input/output. So, not that self-sufficient? Needs an external GPU?00:55
WikiwideThat's where it gets tricky. If it supports video input/output, then it also imposes limitations - on number/size of displays, on number/resolution of cameras. But that's typical for a GPU, anyway...  What is Yocto Linux OS?
WikiwideSee > Having the power of running customer/user-specific programs inside the Linux in the modem is very powerful, and can for example eliminate the use of a dedicated external processor in many M2M/IoT applications. <
Flohackmal: THx I see its working again, Thx!09:43
FlohackBTW Guys re Pinephone Modem were you aware of this:
FlohackIts an interesting read. From Ubuntu Touch standpoint I must say we are glad that we put a lot of restrictions in place that try to prevent or slow down such attacks. After reading this I am wondering if we can find a way to block partition writes even as root09:47

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