Wednesday, 2022-02-16

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poetasterrinigus, I think I need to update the repo and discussion links for machinevsmachine. I've opened up a can a worms (discussion and tickets) which are going into my fork. not the original repo.12:48
lbt4.3.0.15 is now on the OBS... cc mal rinigus12:58
piggzlbt: mal: needs added to nemo:testing:hw:common for chum pls13:11
poetasterpiggs: if is set Packagingrepo und the help and bugtracker fields to be for that repo, will that show in chum gui?13:15
poetasterpiggz, I mean. damn.13:15
lbtah - mal did nemo:testing13:23
mal.15 in nemo:testing:hw:common is now ready13:31
piggz.15 added to chum:testing15:18
poetasterpiggz,  if is set Packagingrepo und the help and bugtracker fields to be for that repo, will that show in chum gui?17:04
piggzyes, thats the idea ... they should override any auto dtection17:05
poetasterpiggz, could you take a peek at
poetasterI don't want to submit before knowing it'll get people to the right pages.17:23
piggzpoetaster: looks about right ... but why not submit it to testing to be sure ... thats what testing is for!17:31
poetasterIt's in testin and live already. I had had my repo as THE repo, and I think rinigusl, rightly corrected that. but that led to links to the orig for all.....17:32
poetasterand debugging and discussion are currently in my boat.17:33
poetasterIt's already built. I just didn't want to submit to chum within 24 hours and waste your time.17:34
poetasterwhich I'm now wasting.17:34
piggzpoetaster: well, discussion page is a 404 atm :)17:36
piggzissues is ok17:36
poetasterexactly. I want to fix that :)17:36
piggzthat just means you have to create it on github i think17:36
poetasterOk, I'll just submit. My fork repo is already being used and includes fixes for 4 year old bugs. soooo. here .... goes ....17:37
riniguspoetaster: accepted18:02
piggzha,that one went in spam18:12
piggzrinigus: specspo is needed from what i can make out19:13
piggzcan also go directly in the .spec19:15
piggzrinigus: shall i add .15 to chum main?20:01
riniguspiggz: yes, please add.20:45
riniguspiggz: but just imagine translators having to chase all the apps and specs. not very translator friendly ...20:46
piggzrinigus: no, i imagine it would be a nightmare!20:46
piggzrinigus: is jolla store localised?20:48
piggzwe should just translate the description field on the fly with google translate!20:48
rinigusno idea, I don't think so. don't remember having multilang fields.20:49
piggz(or similar foss solution)20:49
riniguspiggz: could be funny. and read using espeak20:49
piggzlbt: flypig: crazy idea... instead of shutting down obs, how about you chuck some more CPUs at it so we can get through this backlog!21:09
poetasterpiggz, rinigus somehow machines is still fugged. at least the links don't lead to a dead end.21:20
poetasterI'm not even keeping up with my translations from 3.4 -> 4.3 :)21:21
Wikiwidepiggz: Still .7z vs .zip mismatch in , -testing job claims to have passed but doesn't create artifacts because it doesn't find a .7z file where .zip exists?22:31
Wikiwidepiggz: Well, -devel still fails because archive is too large. Would it be acceptable to split the archive into pieces, like, two separate files, so that upload could sneak through, and then user recombine it? Or do you have to make the file lean till it can get through?22:35

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