Wednesday, 2022-03-16

poetasterattah, I've lost the thread?08:15
lbt_rinigus: I don't see a DoD issue now...09:47
Ketolbt_: it's a bit weird, it seems to get stuck, and then just sort it self out at some point. I did see download errors for some packages from in the logs, but don't know why, and could not figure out how to kick it to try again10:07
riniguslbt_: looks like nephros disabled those builds (aarch64 as far as I can see from IRC log)15:58
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poetasterjust saying.17:48
attahpoetaster: Sometthing Hutspot... this?
attahDoes it still need testing?18:04
poetasterattah: the author of the fixes (I just mediated) says it's a go. but I can't test ... also librespot (in rust) is currently beyond my means to build18:05
poetasterattah, as far as I could tell, librespot is currently the only player hutspot will work with?18:06
poetasterbtw, is NOT spotify :)18:06
poetasterattah, it requires a premium account, whatever that means!18:08
attahSo hutspot is the controller end... i guess i can just start it on desktop and test controlling then18:10
attahI'm Swedish, of course i have Spotify Premium18:11
poetasterattah, I'm weird so of course I listen to essential madness radio18:11
poetasterI'm desperately trying to think of something premium that I may have. ah. the wife :)18:12
poetasterattah, did you see
poetastervis tint not present in SFOS on Nexus 418:12
attahBut different ports too18:13
attahSo not sure what to do with that info18:13
poetasteryeah, not usefull. BUT the tint seems consitant across many current ports.18:14
poetasterI'm inclined to think it's all just ambience on steroids.18:15
poetasteror maybe the swedes.18:15
attahif there was a yellow cross on it...18:15
poetasterah, of course, the lutheran inquisition!18:16
poetasterjeez, the russians could provoke a war with sweden by attacking spotify!18:16
poetasterah, shouldn't make jokes like that.18:16
attahIf that isn't unexpected... then what is?18:16
attahre: inquisition18:17
poetasterThe Knights who say knee!18:17
poetasterThere was a rather dangerous unexpected rabbit if I remember correctly.18:18
attahpoetaster: login page just shows white... but it starts18:20
poetasterattah, hmmmm. maybe I should 1) publish to chum and start a thread to see if it's off interest18:21
attahCould be the old vebview thingy is borked.. trying a older version of SFOS18:21
poetasteryou mean the 'new' WebView thingy?18:22
attahbut does it use the new one?18:22
poetasterdon't think so.18:23
attahin which case i stand by my statement18:23
poetasterthe only changes made where to support newew openssl18:23
poetasterah. got ya.18:23
attahSwapped out to new WebView... logging in works18:34
poetasterattah, just posted ticket, PR and link to obs builds on
poetasterah cool118:34
attahi can see my other devices to play on... but nothing happens18:34
poetasterok, presumably aarch64?18:35
attahmore or less...18:35
poetasterah. both the more AND the less interest me :)18:35
poetasterI hope someone else picks this.18:37
poetasterI have to read a lot of Olf at the moment :)18:38
attahWill you swap out the webauth, or do you want a PR?18:38
attah...or does it load for you?18:39
attahNevermind... it works!18:41
attahJust odd UI and PEBKAC18:41
poetasterOk, if the UI can be improved I'll deal with a PR and pass it on.18:46
attahI still have issues navigating, and cannot rule out some things are broken...18:46
poetasterI'm trying to animate the original author (also librespot and donnie guy)18:46
attahThey'd probably be much better at masking sure the UI woerks, at least as intended18:47
poetasterThe original notes specified: Once setup it sort of works.18:47
attahBut do you want a PR for the WebView swap?18:47
poetasterI gotta be careful. next thing you know I have a premium family spotify account. which I do not use but my 9 year old abuses.18:48
poetasterok, cool. thanks!18:52
poetasterattah, what do you usually do for spotify!18:53
attahhmm? What i listen to?18:54
poetasterclient? and sure, what are you listening to? :)18:54
attahAh, sorry xD18:54
attahThe Android one... but mostly desktop18:54
attahThey have a native Linux one18:55
poetasterthey, spotify?18:55
poetasterI looked at the apis not so long ago and realized, wait, you don't care!18:55
attahbut proprietary and x86 only afaik18:56
poetasterI'm a guy. that was written in erlang18:56
attahHeh, oldschool18:56
poetasteryeah, it's also someting you can use. spotify is a cipher for me. you can USE on the web.18:57
attahShould work on Spotify too... but admittedly haven't tried18:57
attahI think i got the branches straight... so you have a PR18:58
attahno worries, and kudos for your efforts18:59
poetasterA man and his shovel on the road. Great PR. Almost no additions and less code at the end.19:00
attahWell, it doesn't scroll... but close enough19:00
poetaster y: pHeader.height + Theme.paddingLarge19:01
poetastermaybe it can't scroll because it's FIXED ?19:01
attahSure... but the WbView itself should not care, should it?19:02
attahScrolling the page would be the wrong solution...19:02
poetasterYeah. But it wouldn' surprise me ;) I'm wasting your time.19:03
poetasterI'd say, let's see if people pick it up on the forum. Unless you have a burning desire.19:04
attahIt's called unwinding... heavens knows i need it19:04
attahI just did my taxes... online and with eID on SFOS no less19:04
attaheven paid with a mobile payment app, also on SFOS19:05
poetasteryeah, know what you mean. although I studiously avoid taxes.19:05
poetasterattah, native soundcloud client. rabbit hole. what's it going to do. nibble me bumb? aaaaahhhhhhh19:22
poetasteryeah. the apis have moved a lot. nice code though :)19:28

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