Thursday, 2022-03-24

lolekhi, after updating to browser is unable to load any webpage, in the release-notes topic ppls are expiriencing the same problem. and it seems disabling sandboxing in the .desktop file for browser is not working, any ideas?09:18
lolekI should mention that the browser has problems only when started from app drawer, starting it from cmd line works fine.12:53
mallolek: which device is that?13:07
lolekMal: here's info about it: device is X1013:09
malthanks, I mentioned that internally at Jolla13:11
lolekmal: I'm right now on it, trying to find what's wrong. Someone mentioned that disabling sailjil fixes the issue. I'm trying to trace the problem but I can't. There's this problem:
lolekmal: please also pass this internally to Jolla: f***g awsome work with that browser, finally it starts to be usable, keep up this and get it up to date fully!13:14
mallolek: try using this "/usr/bin/sailjail --trace -- /usr/bin/sailfish-browser"13:20
maldo you see anything in journalctl output when you start browser from app grid13:21
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lolekMal: maybe this is related?
mallolek: do you have any custom search engines installed or something?13:29
lolekMal: yes13:30
lolekone custom search engine install13:31
maljust thinking about the line 14 in the earlier paste13:31
malit has some search engine related error13:31
malmaybe try removing the extra search engine and see what happens, although not sure how that would be related to sandboxing13:32
malcan you tell which search engine it is13:32
lolekok, for sure it doesn't matter if I start the browser from cmd line... there's also that error13:32
lolekyeah of course it's duckduckgo13:32
malah, then it's different13:33
malI mean if you had same line when you started from commandline13:33
malare any of those lines something you don't see when starting from commandline13:33
loleklet me see13:34
lolekError: can't chdir to privileged13:34
lolekthis only13:34
malI see that also when running from terminal but browser starts fine13:40
lolekfor disabling the search engine.. could you drop me some hint how?13:40
malhow did you install it?13:41
lolekyes is starts find but you can't open any webpage13:41
malwhat is in logs when you try to open some webpage?13:41
lolekmar 24 14:42:55 Xperia10-DualSIM invoker[6145]: WARNING: Effect failed, id 21713:44
lolekmal: after removing search engines no changes13:52
mallolek: ok14:25

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