Sunday, 2022-03-27

IngvixI wonder how risky would it be to downgrade from back to with sfos-upgrade09:33
IngvixI shouldn't have jumped to the sandboxing EA upgrade on my main device09:34
abrI wouldn't try that. You can disable sandboxing for individual launchers if that'll help09:50
Ingvixabr, how do I do that exactly?09:54
abrhave a look at the fingerterm launcher in /usr/share/applications. that bit at the end disables sandboxing for it, and you can put that in other apps' launchers10:04
Ingvixah, thanks10:13
Ingvixseems to be working10:21
poetasterrinigus, piggz, I've been working a bit on the libupnp player bits for donnie but basically have a clone13:00
poetaster of the original work.13:00
poetasterrinigus, piggz[m] the libraries still refer to the legacy sourceforge (current github)... shall I push them to chum anyway?13:01
riniguspoetaster: I am not much into upnp and cannot comment on how useful it is. if you think that there are users interested in it and it fits chum requirements (license), then sure, why not13:15
poetasterrinigus: ok. It is being used (not just by me :). I'll submit as is and work on rebuilding it with modern sources later.13:20
poetasterrinigus, it's donnie + 3 libs13:20
riniguspoetaster: good13:32
poetasterrinigus: k. I'll restructure when I have a thumbs up from the original dev.13:33
riniguspoetaster: liupnp has typo in a name -> libupnp13:33
rinigusI have declined it, just resubmit again13:35
poetasterwill do.13:35
riniguspoetaster: libupnpp has a wrong URL in SPEC (no response on it), sent it back to you for fixing13:38
riniguspoetaster: libmpdclient  looks to be fine13:40
poetasterrinigus, sorry for the noise.13:40
poetasterrinigus, multi-tasking at middle age.13:40
riniguspoetaster: not sure it has any correlation with age13:41
poetasterrinigus, don't cast aspersions on my character ;)13:42
riniguspoetaster: main issue looks to be - there is no LICENSE :(13:42
riniguspoetaster: sorry - missed that it is in separate folder13:43
riniguslicense is fine, donnie should be good to go :)13:43
poetasterrinigus, ok, I wanted to restructure first, but got bogged down in parallel project.13:44
riniguspoetaster: ping me here when you resubmit those 2 packages. then I can add it all to chum13:44
poetasterdays when you remember why you like subdirs and static linking.14:24
poetastersigh: redirects to pupnp-release frig.14:31
gnu-stallmanhey there, can some one help? got such error trying to build hybris-hal droidmedia.
attahI'm trying to cram a web page in to a WebView... but it is refusing to scale, despite setting pixelRatio (other pages work), any ideas what i could mess with to get it to behave?16:06
attahIt looks fine on desktop if i make a phone-sized window (roughly same pixel dimensions as after pixelRatio too)16:07
attah...and 300% zoom in a phone-shaped but much bigger window looks good too O.o16:11
poetasterattah, do you control the page? I was using media rules in css. presumably you're loading external?16:46
attahpoetaster: i do not... and they say they can't make it more "responsive"16:47
poetasterattah: I'd probably do something obtuse like forcing a custom.css into the page with javascript :)16:50
attahi've been thinking the same... but as it is reacting in this way i don't really know where to start16:51
poetasterIt just occured to me that you had commented it out of hutspot :)16:52
poetasterattah: PixelRatio device dependancy foo?16:53
attahSure... but that is just for the old webview, isn't it?16:53
poetasterNot so sure abou that.16:53
poetasterattah: pixelRatio Note: Unlike desktop Firefox, changing this value will only change the rendering of web content; it does not affect the UI scaling.17:06
attahright, yes17:06
poetasterbut that's 'actually' what you want... hmmm.17:07
attahbut it is the website i'm after17:07
attahIn firefox the whole ui is html17:07
attah...rendered in gecko17:07
poetasteryo. so, it's showing up too small.17:07
attahi think you may be on to something with the initial-scale thing17:08
poetasteryeah, with crappy css it's also still an issue with browsers. although increasingly everyone just uses the same css :)17:08
attahnow if i could just run some javascript in the new webview...17:11
attahwebView.runJavaScript() wants it to have been initialized first17:12
poetasterYou can. But it's a nasty hack :)17:12
attah...and from what i can tell there is no signal for that17:12
poetasterWell, you do something really evil like: 1. turn of cors and csp, 2. create a static page with an iframe and the javascript 3. go to market.17:13
poetasterit 'might' be sufficient for testing to get enough information. I haven't played with it yet ... it's on the list for the one mahjong webview thing I have.17:14
poetasterI'm looking at:
poetasterthe project is, I believe about making viewport info visible.17:18
poetasterattah: did you check webview additional and experimental.17:26
attahpoetaster: where? docs are linking me in circles and not saying much17:27
attah ?17:27
poetasterI'm in the qdoc :)17:28
poetasterWebView::contentRect etc.17:28
attahrect-type read-only property. :(17:29
poetasteryeah, but you can find out who thinks what size is what !17:29
attahhmmm... QRectF(0, 0, 0, 0)17:31
poetasterhmmm. resolution: ?17:33
poetastermaybe I'm overthinking it. user.css should still be possible ;)17:39
poetasterturn off strict_origin_policy and cors and I believe you can add user.css.17:41
poetasterI mean userChrome.css17:44
attahany reference to as how i might do that?17:44
poetasternot sure it's the way:
poetasterthose are just ui hacks.17:45
poetasterah, I need to do child care ...17:48
attahpoetaster: dpr here is correct at least
attahpoetaster: hrmf... getting all zeroes with the page i'm concerned with, but sane valies with that viewport debug page18:30
attahokay... i have now proved that it is the meta-viewport thing18:41
piggzpoetaster: donnie needs libupnp19:03
* attah sighs
NicoCan't you just do onLoaded: ?19:08
attahthe signal just isn't there19:08
attahqml won't even show19:08
attahthad did it, thanks!19:10
NicoWell, so it just uses proper qml naming instead of what my mind makes up randomly :D19:11
attahand mine, apparently19:11
Nicojinxed19:11 also wasn't documented (but i guess should have been expected)19:12
NicoWell, all properties in qml usually have an onXChanged19:12
NicoSo usually that doesn't get documented19:12
attahNow i just need to figure out why it doesn't start with SailJail19:13
poetasterpiggz, yeah, it's proving bitchy. I'll try pushing the current state19:14
poetasterpiggz, I'd been trying to build from github19:14
poetasterpiggz, sigh. libupnpp isn't any better. libupnpp-libupnpp-v0.15.2.tar.gz who does that?19:15
poetasterpiggz, @ade might have a solution for me19:17
attahany ideas on how i'd make the cover be a miniature of the WebView?19:39
NicoDoesn't it do that by default, if you have no cover?19:40
attahApparently not... i had accidentally removed "cover:" and i got a translated placeholder string of some sort on an empty cover19:41
attah"cover: null" almost works19:44
attahIt is all white, but at start of maximize-animation it shows the window for a split-second19:45
NicoMaybe webviews are special19:45
ThaodanDidn't the browser had a webview as cover?19:48
attahIt shows miniatures of the current page yes...19:50
attahand that's where i found null... but it also uses some special BrowserWindow19:50
attahHmmm, it is probably just buggy (hardware acceleration and such), cover = webView.tabModel has the same effect as null19:56
poetasterattah, did you find a scale solution?20:25
attahpoetaster: yes, the page in question was missing the meta-viewport stuff20:26
poetasterah. cool. but won't the pixelRatio at 3 limit the device selection ...20:28
attahWell... only Jolla C will really be left out20:29
attahbut it is not done yet either really20:29
poetasterProbably still too small on an iphone :)20:29
poetasterbut that's a great tip, thanks!20:29
attahno worries, thanks for making me keep at it20:30
poetasternow for c++ library hell ;) naaahhh. off to bed.20:30
attahgood choice20:30
poetaster6 am start :)20:31
poetasternight all.20:31

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