Wednesday, 2022-04-06

Solrac[m]Hello. I know I asked a question yesterday but Now I come with another; I'll probably ask in the forum as well. I've been meaning to get into Sailfish for a while now,  I was wondering which device should I get. I was between the 10 III, or 5 II  or 1 II (as I found the port for edo devices)00:31
Renaud[m]Hi, it seems there is no space left on OBS06:58
malRenaud[m]: which build failed?10:41
Renaud[m]mal: this one, for instance:
malRenaud[m]: I triggered those again, some space was freed already10:46
maltrigger any other packages that might have failed10:46
Renaud[m]@mal: okay, thanks10:46
enderSolrac[m]: Support for 10 III isn't out yet – only 10 II is currently supported12:42
Solrac[m]<ender> "Solrac: Support for 10 III isn't..." <- Are there not community builds for edo? (5ii, 1ii)13:08
enderno idea13:39
ThaodanThere is, it is in a similar state as Xperia 10 III. +358 401 62874613:41
Solrac[m]WIP? There's not a whole lot in the link14:45
ThaodanView the repos in the project, everything is there. There's with build instructions in it.14:56

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