Wednesday, 2022-04-20

henkwhere should I be looking for new releases for a gigaset gs290 / volla / yggdrasil? piggz[m] I think you built those, right?10:41
poetasterhenk, that was for you.16:28
poetasterpiggz, how goes?17:07
henkpoetaster, piggz: I already have running on it. I’m asking because I don’t want to miss an update … I have no idea how updating goes with this phone (:18:17
piggz[m]henk: devel-su... (full message at
piggzhmm, that didnt translate will to irc!18:18
piggzssu re
piggzssu ur18:18
piggzzypper ref18:18
piggzzypper dup18:18
poetasterpiggz, I think you've typed that a thousand times. At least 3 times for me alone ;)18:19
henkThe following 5 packages are going to be REMOVED:18:30
henk  pulseaudio-modules-droid pulseaudio-modules-droid-common qmapboxgl sailfishos-chum sailjail-homescreen-plugin18:30
henkis that to be expected?18:30
poetasterpiggz, I can't answer that one.18:34
piggzhenk: no, stop...18:37
piggzrepeat with ssu re first18:38
piggzmake sure you have all 4.3 updates18:38
henkto be removed: pulseaudio-modules-droid pulseaudio-modules-droid-common qmapboxgl sailfishos-chum sailjail-homescreen-plugin18:43
henkto be removed: pulseaudio-modules-droid pulseaudio-modules-droid-common qmapboxgl sailfishos-chum18:46
rinigushenk: at least qmapboxgl removal is fine. it is replaced by other package18:48
henkrinigus: ack, thx18:49
henkhm, something is wrong now, I think … even when I go back to (the version I see in "settings -> sailfish os updates", it says it is going to remove these packages.20:13
henkfeels like I need to remove some cache or something. any ideas?20:14
henkah, zypper clean maybe20:18
henkhm, no, even "zypper clean -a" doesn’t change that … maybe I’m not really on
henkfollowed by "zypper ref" before running "zypper dup" again, of course: still wants to remove those packages20:24
henk`cat /etc/*release*` only mentions though20:27
henkpiggz[m]: ping20:38
piggz[m]what does "zypper ls" show20:40
piggz[m]ssu lr ?20:41
piggz[m]ah, umm, so, you're running the devel release, not the testing release!20:43
piggz[m]if you insist on running devel, you are not allows to complain :D20:44
piggz[m]you want to switch to testing: channel?20:44
henkpiggz[m]: hm, not sure what that means :D since I’m not paying for the software anyway, I don’t think I have much right to complain anyway so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what’s the difference? AFAIU you’d recommend testing, correct?20:45
henkespecially if I have to ask that …20:46
piggz[m]yeah .. so, on the build server are 2 versions .. devel and testing .. users should use testing, as i am more likely to break devel...20:46
henkah ok, then I guess I should switch to testing. how?20:47
piggz[m]there are some instructions on this forum thread
piggz[m]as root, goto /usr/share/ssu/features.d20:48
piggz[m]edit community-adaptation.ini as per the above link20:48
piggz[m]also, edit community-adaptation-common.ini ... if you paste here the url in that file, i will post the new version20:49
piggz[m]that is ok .. i wonder how you ended with one repo in devel!20:51
henknow I do too (;20:52
piggz[m]so, edit the first one, then "ssu ur" .. then show "ssu lr" and "zypper ls" so we can check theyre right20:53
piggz[m]ok, that seems fine, what does zypper dup want to do?20:54
piggz[m]seems ok ...20:59
piggz[m]do that, then change release to
henkpiggz[m]: regarding how I wound up with mixed repos: not sure that info helps (if you even want to figure it out) but I installed on or around 2021-10-16, probably with the image at
piggz[m]after dup to, repeat for
henkpiggz[m]: should I reboot after 'dup', before switching to
piggz[m]probably not needed, but no harm21:01
henkI’ll do without but after going to and then certainly after going to
henkhuh, interesting: doing 'dup' an ….12 downgraded a few packages, now going to ….15 again downgrades some. I’d not have expected that. seems strange, doesn’t it?21:03
piggz[m]no, its expected ...21:04
piggz[m]OBS adds a "build number" to the version .. so, if the version is the same, but the build number is lower, its a dwngrade21:05
henkoh ok21:06
henkpiggz[m]: zypper dup for
henkpiggz[m]: again wants to remove some things: pulseaudio-modules-droid pulseaudio-modules-droid-common sailjail-homescreen-plugin21:12
piggz[m]must be fine21:13
piggz[m]i know pa-modules-droid is replaced with pulseaudio-modules-droid-jb2q21:13
piggz[m]i guess the sailjail plugin must be removed in this version21:13
henkah, ok21:13
henksome of the output is concerning:
henk0) rpm has a warning: warning: %postun(rpm- scriptlet failed, exit status 121:33
henk1) sailfish-content-graphics-default-base-, jolla-ambient-sound-theme-0.0.17-1.2.1.jolla.noarch, dconf-0.40.0+git3-1.8.1.jolla.aarch64 add oneshots with the same name. I hope they don’t overwrite each other?21:34
henk2) setup-2.13.6+git5-1.10.8.jolla.noarch: »warning: /etc/shadow created as /etc/shadow.rpmnew« should I do anything about that?21:35
henk3) connman-1.32+git180.2-1.16.1.jolla.aarch64 says »find: /var/lib/connman: No such file or directory« no idea what it’s looking for, though …21:35
henkaddition to 1) some more later on as well …21:36
henknooo, all my favorites in tidings are gone ):21:55
henkphew, »cp .local/share/harbour-tidings/harbour-tidings/database.sqlite .local/share/de.poetaster/harbour-tidings/database.sqlite« restored them21:57

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