Monday, 2022-05-23

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poetasterattah, it is ascension day. it's a holiday here. I can't make the meeting. sigh.08:16
riniguspoetaster: doesn't look very good -
poetasterhmmm. probably because I have everything together in
poetasterah, because libupnp is no longer in testing. sigh.12:25
poetasterso, first push libupnp into testing again, and then it should go. hmmm.12:25
poetasterrinigus, is it usual for the package to be removed from testing once in chum proper?12:35
riniguspoetaster: no, it is not. what is upnp support from jolla's side?12:36
poetasterI beliebe not so much :)12:36
poetasterI 'thought' 11 was in, but checked this morning and saw only my locally installed version12:37
riniguspoetaster: so, there are no such packages provided by Jolla? i.e. there will be no clashes in upnp package names13:01
poetasterit does not appear to be so. but frankly, it's still a pita to do this. I should move to a better structure. I just adopted the authors approach.13:02
poetasterrinigus, donnie builds are succeeding.13:04
rinigusyes, looks good!13:05
poetasterrinigus, if you think the risk of clashes is high enough, I'll rebuild it static. I just don't have that much time at the moment.13:05
poetasterrinigus, I also have to test on device with 4.4 so it may not be ready anyway.13:06
riniguspoetaster: I don't have any idea of upnp support by SFOS, hence my questions. if there are no such packages, dynamic linking is absolutely fine.13:06
poetasteryeah, there are no packages according to pkcon and zypper (on 4.4.0.x)13:07
poetasterI'm looking on 3.4 ....13:07
riniguspoetaster: here is what I am getting:
poetasterwhat the13:08
riniguspoetaster: that's from Openrepos :)13:10
rinigusin part, at least.13:10
poetasterrinigus, I get partial of that with zypper search upnp13:11
riniguspoetaster: by dropping ade repo, I am getting all packages with the exception of libnpupnp4 and libupnpp11. those were from ade13:12
poetasterah, ok, I didn't have ade so I'm at parity. I should have looked for dlna. sigh.13:13
poetasterrinigus, I have an odd feeling I've been here before.13:13
riniguspoetaster: so, what do we do now? push those packages to chum?13:14
poetasterrinigus, I think I'd like to review the gupnp packages first.13:15
rinigusOK, will wait for you then13:15
poetasterrinigus, zypper wp libupnp6 shows only local libupnpp also. I think the gnu libraries have unique names.13:22
poetasterrinigus, maybe I should talk to ade first?13:23
riniguspoetaster: sure13:23
poetasterrinigus, yeah, think it's a must. he's supporting mpd which I believe a bunch of people are using.13:33
poetasterjust not on obs. sigh.13:34
poetasterthere is no conflict with the gnu libraries, though.13:34
poetasterheh. the road to hell is paved with good intentions. carve that upon my tombstone, please.13:51
piggzrinigus: olf certainly has a way of articulating things17:55
riniguspiggz yes, sure he does :)18:02
Thaodanpiggz: oh yeah..18:02
Thaodanwhat was it this time?18:03
Thaodanpiggz: Good points18:05
Thaodanreplacing obs is hard the builder part is harder but the repository management is even harder, together with obs service e.g. tar_git src package management is so easy. Managing binary packages is too. I tried to replicate that with hadk_tools for edo/kumano ports but managing the binary packages is much harder since the builder needs to check the diff and can't just update a new package for every rebuild.18:15
ThaodanOBS takes so much pain away.18:15
ThaodanMy scripts make local builds so easy but building for variants of a device and the droid-system for 4 devices is just to much.18:16
MikmaEvening. Just wanted to let folks know that the does not allow me to buy sailfish x, the payment site is down19:23

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