Wednesday, 2022-06-01

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poetasterrinigus, how do I deal licences that are unusual:
poetasterrinigus, I mean, for chum12:23
RobbsterHi all, is this the right place to assistance  help for a XperiaX in a boot loop (sfos 4.3)? I'm trying recovery mode from mint linux and not getting the telnet to working. tia.12:36
RobbsterI'm following instructions from:
malRobbster: do you see anything in screen when you try to enter recovery mode?12:47
Robbster@mal yes, the phone reports the expected message. I think that the issue lies with the laptop. when I disconnect and reconnect the usb cable, I get a usb0 network device on network and I can't access the that the phone is reporting.12:51
Robbstermy local lan is on
Robbsterwhen attempting the telnet, I get connection timed out :(12:52
RobbsterI'm going to try a different cable, but this is the cable that was used for the fastboot, so it should be fine...12:52
Robbsterdmesg reports:'Jolla Debug telnet on rndis0 - also running udhcpd'12:54
maland the network interface looks ok locally?13:02
Robbster@mal, if I run ifconfig, there is no 10.x.x.x network configured, so that looks wrong.13:39
Robbster@mal, ifconfig reports that the usb0 network device that was created when the network cable is inserted.13:44
Robbstergoing to reboot the laptop to see if that changes things, brb...13:45
Robbster@mal, local network configuration on the laptop was getting in the way and manually setting up the ip for the usb ethernet device.13:51
Robbsterset it to 'automatic' configuration and it is all working now - thanks for the help :)13:52
malgood to hear it works now13:57
Robbsterrecover mode seems to be working - still gotta recover the phone :)15:20
poetasterThaodan, with anarchy's permission I've created
poetasterThaodan, if you're still interested.15:30
riniguspoetaster: as I don't know what such license, I wouldn't accept it into Chum. whether piggz agrees, I don't know. probably, you should contact some lawyers and ask them to explain it. or not use that software16:18
poetasterrinigus, It's the sex pistols. Not a license. I think it's supposed to be 'public domain' so I'll ask him if I can do that.16:20
ThaodanAsk him what he wants16:36
ThaodanGPL would be great16:36
poetasterThaodan, I'll ask if that'll work. It's my default.16:42
riniguspoetaster: no license, no go16:58
poetasterrinigus, a sex pistols anthem is a license to kill :)17:05
attahpoetaster: you messed with python... are there limitations on where my .py files can be?17:37
attahI don't think it looks very good having it in qml/pages17:38
poetasterattah, I always write to lib.18:12
poetasterattah, but I do have stuff in qml too.18:13
attahas in next to the qml directory?18:13
poetasterattah, I meant that I write libraries to lib but have python functions in a subdir of qml, too.18:14
attahcool, then i'll try and invent a convention of python next to qml18:14
poetasterattah, I'm helping out with multimodal. there there is a 'src' directory next to qml.18:15
poetasterattah, I'm not sure I like it. I'm moving toward lib/18:15
attah...if i only could figure out how to have rpmbuild or whatever it is called access my actual source files18:16
poetasterwhat do you mean?18:16
attahsurely Qt doesn't get to monopolize actual file access?18:16
attahi want to read a requirements.txt, from say top-level of my repo18:17
attahand use that in the pip command in the rpm spec18:17
poetasterah, sure.18:17
poetasterif you add it so qml copies it to the {data} target you can work with it.18:18
attahAnd if i have to list it in .pro:OTHER_FILES i'll go mad18:18
poetasterattah, if you look at the repo I posted: in the pro is a src and src.path. in the spec I use sed to modify files that have been installed.18:19
poetaster{_datadir}%{name}/dir/dir/ mangled in the %post section.18:20
attahbut i thought the rpm spec was the entry point?18:20
poetasterthe rpm directory is root :)18:20
attahi'm getting triggerd by having to faff with qt do do non qt stuff18:20
poetasteryou can do it another way.18:21
attah:) please share your wisdom18:23
poetasterjust other peoples code :)18:23
poetasterdepends, if you don't care for sdk at all, you can just do rpmbuild18:24
poetasterthe multi-modal guy does:
poetastertomin's build for patience deck is pur sfdk and it's really well structured18:25
attahI don't mind the SDK, but i do mind the .pro file, especially for things i don't use the sdk for18:25
poetasterBuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/%{name}-build18:25
poetastercp -vr qml $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/usr/share/harbour-multimodal/18:26
poetasterit depends at some point where you call the rpmbuild command from.18:27
attahSure, when i run sfdk, pwd is my repo... but in the SDK it is some half-arsed copy of it and it's driving me mad18:27
poetasterhe describes a build process with 0 sdk interference.18:29
poetasterI failed to get a compromise going, but I built it that way (with my mahjong in scheme mods)18:29
attahHmmm... but i do want the SDK for editing QML, and ctrl-r is pretty handy18:30
poetasterYeah, you have to strike a compromise. I just didn't find the time, but tomin's way can be modified.18:31
poetasterIt's all witchcraft :)18:34
attahsigh... sys.path.append has stopped working on the device now... excellent18:48

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