Friday, 2022-06-03

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poetasterThaodan, Fahrplan I've almost fixed 2 further parsers. Need to modernize.07:25
poetasterpiggz, I'm not maint. in harbour-multimodal, testing.15:23
piggzdone and in main too15:25
poetasterIt was a bit of work to get the dev on board, but I'm paranoid about keeping up with the apis in fahrplan.15:30
poetastera very elaborate backup plan.15:30
poetasterFunny thing, the deutsche bahn apis used in Fahrplan are ancient binary apis. no api tokens, fast, hopefully eternal.15:31
ThaodanI think that is the blessing and the curse about fahrplan.15:45
Thaodanthe other uses efa which is quite broadly used15:46
ThaodanThere's another oss public transport app called öffi while its jave based many of the backends could be easily ported.15:46
Thaodanpoetaster: but back to bahn. From what I know the bahn has multiple apis some for internal use like the one for train station signs to shown the journey data.15:48
ThaodanThen they have ones that are publicly available and the one fahrplan uses is that one.15:48
ThaodanThe API is used by many apps since the output is so good and works over whole Germany and partially also outside of Germany.15:49
poetasterThaodan, yes there has been an explosion of apis:
poetasterThaodan, fahrplan currently lacks, but for the netherlands, json based parsers.15:51
poetasterThaodan, I think the binary api will remain in service, since I believe it's used internally.15:52
poetasterThaodan, I suspect it's not limited because nobody (except smurfy and co.) has bothered with binary parsing.15:52
poetastermuli-modal is using the news apis from that 'store', but he's also storing a lot of station data locally.15:53
ThaodanIf you speak German there's this funny talk about the Deutsche Bahn's data:
poetasterThaodan, heh. Habe ich 'live' gesehen :)15:54
Thaodanpoetaster: Well I guess the issue is that to decide which is "canon".15:54
ThaodanOften those new APIs don't support everything.15:55
poetasteryeah, intentionally. 'business case prototyping'15:55
ThaodanA thing that's worth to look into is how others e.g. öffi or kpublictransport handle it.15:56
ThaodanIf i would do again I wouldn't write it again e.g. multi-modal but use kpublictransport.15:56
poetasterI've been going through the kpublic code wanting to move backends in that direciton15:56
ThaodanAlso the license is an issue for me.15:56
Thaodanbusiness case prototyping sounds more like malicious beta testing.15:57
ThaodanYes I'd prefer something that has copyleft .e.g. lgpl  or gpl.15:57
poetasterkpublictransport backends is the direction I'd like to go.15:58
ThaodanHowever as that I think of kpublic transport I don't really like to reinvent backends.15:58
ThaodanParsing is harder if there's no parser.15:58
ThaodanE.g. vrr backend was so easy to do.15:58
poetasterI tried GPLv3, but he's a bit alergic because of some previous dev encounters.15:58
Thaodanbut writing a parser for the binary vrs data was such a hurdle for me.15:59
Thaodanpoetaster: like?15:59
ThaodanVRS  = Verkehrsverband Rhein Süd15:59
poetasterdid that ever get merged?15:59
poetasterIn a pique (smurfy wasn't answering) I split my repo because I was diverging too much. I've moved a bunch of merge requests into branches.16:02
poetasterWorked ok for ninetwo backend.16:03
Thaodanpoetaster: I think he is not active anymore16:03
Thaodanpoetaster: Are you sing tags for changelog generation?16:03
Thaodanforking as the best idea I think16:04
poetasterThaodan, no, because I'm too sloppy at present. I should though.16:05
Thaodanplease do it makes this stuff seamless16:05
Thaodantar_git takes care of that for you16:05
ThaodanPlease remove %if chum from +BuildRequires:  qt5-qttools-linguist.16:06
poetasterThaodan, It can remain a dependancy in any case, or?16:06
ThaodanLocally in the SDK it won't break anything and just clearly specific the build dependencies.16:06
poetasteroops, sure thing.16:07
ThaodanIt will break anyone building in a clean build env outside of chum.16:07
Thaodane.g. me :D16:07
Thaodanbtw good think that you fixed the calendar export16:07
Thaodanthat bugged me for long16:07
ThaodanYou removed pkgconfig(kcalcore-qt5) from the buildrequires, what is the new calendar feature using as a backend?16:08
poetasterno backend. just xdg.16:09
Thaodanah interesting.16:10
ThaodanI assumed kcalcore or something.16:10
poetasterI have a version that goes that way, but pvuorela suggested, why not let it be handled higher up.16:11
poetasterso other calendar providers could step in. It also reduces dependancies and means I don't have to futz with priv. files.16:11
poetasterHOWEVER, the kcalcore method allows nicer formatting.16:12
poetasterAh, looking at it now, I'd call it a hack
poetasterIn my defense, I've only been getting back into c++ in the past year and need a lot more practice.16:14
ThaodanProvider as in not just local calendars?16:15
poetasterIn theory something else could handle vcal/ical16:17
poetasternon-trivial issues considering system wide cals and sailjail. I was hoping to a qml plugin abstraction to allow writing to arbitrary calendars and at the same time protect system relevant ones.16:20
poetasters/hoping\ for/ hoping\ to/16:20
ThaodanSFOS needs something like Akonadi I guess16:22
Thaodantransparent storage of different types of media16:23
Thaodanpoetaster:  ^16:23
poetasterThaodan, thanks!16:23
poetasterThaodan, I wonder if I should do a name change (fahrplan3?) and push it to harbour.16:27
Thaodanpoetaster: You can ask to want to maintain the app I think16:27
ThaodanI did the same for commmuni16:27
Thaodanalthough I had the blessing of the authors16:27
ThaodanBut since fahrplan is gpl anyway16:28
poetasterThaodan, true, that was the same for the apps I took over from tobia.16:28
poetasteryeah, I'll ask smurfy. maybe he finds the time ...16:28
Thaodanpoetaster: You can also just merge the commit instead of creating a merge commit. For simple changes its less clutter.16:30
ThaodanThe PR will be still referenced.16:30
poetasterThaodan, that was just my default 'looks at the github interface' behaviour. I also still haven't got a good squash strategy.16:31
poetasterThaodan, I'm often way noisy with minor commits that I end up pushing when I should squash.16:32
poetastershit. I just did, exactly, that.16:34
ThaodanI suggest to use branches to work on stuff16:35
Thaodanthere you can be all dirty and rebase16:36
ThaodanMagit made git so easy for me that these things go so fast16:36
poetasterThaodan, of course branches are key. master, hotfix, release, feature, feature ...16:37
poetasterso VRR is functional16:38
ThaodanI've been thinking of how to fix communi, either I notifications in harbour are less functional in harbour now or I find some hack.16:39
poetasterI just started looking at notifications for my stopmotion app today. I'm thinking of working around it.16:40
Thaodanpoetaster: I think they are less used because there are not that many good git uis out there16:40
Thaodanpoetaster: I have a workaround to but it doesn't work in harbour16:41
poetasterThaodan, in my case the work-a-round is just like that calendar hack. Instead of a notification, when the file operation (video encode) finishes, open the stream .16:43
ThaodanYou mean the file that the app handle?16:45
poetasteryes, not stream, file.16:50
poetasterThaodan, but karry has a lower level library in the works and it's all just a mock up (with ffmpeg) at the moment.16:50
poetasterThaodan, re: vrr shouldn't I find Solingen and Bochum??16:51
Thaodanpoetaster: ah ok that works nice for apps that use files, basic notifications work just led and notifications on lockscreen don't work from the qml side.16:53
Thaodanpoetaster: It should16:53
ThaodanLast time I checked it did.16:53
poetasterThaodan, yeah, I think there is an EFA version mismatch. I had to rework a number of them ( münich, ireland).16:54
poetasterThaodan, yeah, for file's it's kind of 'easy' but I'm worried about the state of stuff at the dbus level.16:55
poetasterThaodan, but it's a sandboxing issue, writ large.16:55
poetasterI'm too scattered to think clearly at the os architcture level at the moment.16:56
poetasterThaodan, [D] ParserEFA::parseStationsByName:336 - Query Error: "name list"16:59
Thaodanpoetaster: You can also rebase master to not include the vrr backend and we fix it first.17:00
ThaodanI assumed it still works fine.17:00
poetasterThaodan, no worries. I'll do a bit of reading and get back to you.17:01
poetasterThaodan, I think it's the endpoint, I'll make a note and get back to you as I mentioned.17:06
poetasterThaodan, the dbahn has a thousand defunkt endpoints that still work, in some sense. no wonder nothing runs on time.17:08
poetasterneat, the vrr interface alows you to switch between xml and json with a single flag.17:13
poetasterThaodan, I got it. It's further EFA changes. In the vrr case, I had to modify type_sf to any.17:20
Thaodanpoetaster: sounds good17:36
poetasterThaodan, there were a number of things implemented in the parent class that should'nt be there. time is a cruel mistress.17:38

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