Tuesday, 2022-06-21

dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, how are you ?06:59
pvuoreladcaliste: good, thanks. how are you?06:59
dcalisteI'm ok. Thanks. I'm working in England this week and I'll have to leave in 30 minutes today. But anyway, thank you for the reviews on the jolla-calendar MRs.07:01
pvuorelaalright, let's keep this short then. good stuff on the PRs.07:03
dcalisteMaybe on the #318, I would like to check a possible layout issue with a ICS data I got last week. I'll do this later today I think, or tomorrow.07:03
pvuorelafor the calendar modes PR to be noted that i didn't yet check the code too much.07:04
dcalisteAbout the tab design one, thanks yours suggestions. I've gone through them yesterday evening.07:04
dcalisteMaybe the one that may raise some problem is to implement the tab switch with a real TabView and not with full page transition as done now.07:05
dcalisteI agree that it would be nicer to just get the page content to change and not the full page.07:06
dcalisteBut at the moment, I don't have a clear idea on how to embed the TabBar in a page with changing general flickable. Maybe by making this TabBar out of the flickable in the QML hierarchy and book place for it in the various flickables.07:07
dcalisteI need to investigate on this technical point.07:07
dcalisteBut I've also one concern about the layout transition in landscape orientation.07:08
dcalisteIndeed, in month view, the "header" made of the TabBar and the month label is occupying only half of the screen and it will have to span the full width in day view.07:09
dcalisteHow can be the transition ? A simple behaviour on width ?07:09
pvuorelajust as food for thought pondering if this should use existing tab components at all. the control area is moving around and there shouldn't be draggable mode switches.07:10
dcalisteI was hoping to create less code by reusing just the TabBar part of the overall TabView, and also be more consistent between application.07:12
dcalisteAt first I created it with just the TabButtons (or simply icons) but then the underlying bar was missing and instead of reimplementing it, I prefer to move to use the TabBar component to get it for free.07:13
dcalisteOf course, it also means that I getting possible animation and horizontal swipe that I'm not interested in...07:13
dcalisteAnyway, I'll try to avoid the page transition and just have content change and we'll see if it's more or less code to actually reuse the tab machinery or not.07:21
pvuorelathough looking at TabBar and TabButton, most of the functionality wouldn't be needed here. it's only two clicable icons and a line under one.07:21
dcalisteIndeed. But reusing it was a bit more semantic and guarantee consistency.07:22
dcalisteAnother question about design : tapping on the month label open a year + month + day selection at the moment.07:23
dcalisteIt's done by simply calling the existing DatePickerDialog from Silica with an invalid starting date.07:23
dcalisteDo you think it's better to somehow reimplement it to get rid of the day selection (which may be usefull in the day view) or I should look at a trick to bypass the day selection under certain circumstances ?07:24
pvuorelapondering would it make sense to have some property in DatePickerDialog whether to choose only month precision. or year even. looks like the current year selection is custom code in the calendar now.07:28
dcalisteExactly, it could be smarter to be reuse this component with a bit of tweaking. I agree. I'll leave it like that at the moment in the calendar MR and will have a look in silica if that's easy to choose granularity in the date selector.07:30
dcalisteI'm sorry, I have to rejoin with my colleagues now to get to the lab. Let's continue this discussion in the MR comments. Thanks for the feedback.07:31
pvuorelaand see ya07:32
drierjkdssomeone online?18:58
drierjkdssomeone here?18:58
norayri remember i found connman config files somewhere, but now i cannot find them.23:01
norayrcan someone point out where are they?23:01
norayri mean wifi hotspot names.23:01

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