Friday, 2022-06-24

Ingvixhmm, fastboot is unable to send hybris-recovery.img to my xperia 10 dual sim02:49
Ingvixit's stuck at 'Sending 'boot.img' (21988 KB)'02:49
Ingvixtried entering fastboot mode multiple times but it never got any further02:50
ThaodanIngvix: try different USB port and cable?10:08
IngvixThaodan, I did that too and it did not help10:56
Ingvixmaybe I should try a different pc just to be sure10:57
enderIngvix: if you have both USB2 and USB3 ports on your computer, try the other type of port11:50
poetasterpiggz, rinigus Trying to promote from chum: testing to chum produces12:32
poetasterUnable to submit, sources are unchanged12:32
riniguspoetaster: I have uploaded it to chum already, as soon as testing was done12:32
riniguspoetaster: in general, I try to do so for all new submissions. it just slips sometimes12:33
poetasteroh. ok. I generally test first, enabling testing, download to check I didn't miss something... but cool. thanks!12:36
poetasternow go make a movie.12:36
ThaodanI would be nice to have some kind of checks. E.g. by using rpmlint to verify a package follows chum rules.13:00
rinigusThaodan: we check them manually so far. not sure you can check license using rpmlint fully, for example. as going and checking whether the license is the same as in the source code.14:11
rinigusin addition, we request that _service has commit-id or version specified. again, that's out of rpmlint scope14:12
Thaodanrinigus: You can do that except that the package can still lie somewhere19:17
Thaodanso it it is still useful19:17
Thaodanabout _service file I'm not really sure how much you can enforce but the process can be automated using webhooks which removes the need for manual checks on the service file19:19

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