Tuesday, 2022-06-28

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dcalisteGood morning pvuorela.07:04
pvuoreladcaliste: good morning!07:05
dcalisteThank you for your reviews on calendar PRs. As you said, the lagging problem is coming from component instantiation, in the DatePicker component. The AgendaModels are not creating particular lag by themselves.07:07
dcalisteI'll look into your suggestion to keep the Month component alive and monitor memory consumption to see if it's acceptable.07:07
pvuoreladcaliste: ok, good. could suggest taking a look into the tabview loading/unloading, though the calendar might be a simpler case that could just need a Loader or two with active states.07:11
dcalisteIndeed, thansk you for the suggestion. States + loaders looks perfect.07:12
dcalisteAbout the problem of stiking through in day view on Jolla C, I'm sorry I didn't have time yet to look into it on this device. But since we're actually striking through none of the labels on other views, your suggestion to actually play with the opacity is a good alternative that will not break consistency. I can even move the striking through back to the time labels for header and footer.07:14
pvuorelahope that works better :)07:16
dcalisteIndeed, let see. I'll update it later today.07:21
dcalisteAbout the tab PR, once the lagging issue is fixed or circumvent, what do you prefer as a strategy : accept it and work about the week view in a new branch or should I work on top of this one to add the week view and only then accept it ?07:23
pvuoreladcaliste: i think we could first merge the mode switch PR and then can have the week view as just a normal PR on top.07:24
pvuoreladcaliste: hey and could already mention i'll be on vacation after next week.07:29
dcalisteThe same for me ;) I'll be available next Tuesday, and also the 12th (but maybe not you) and I'll be back from Tuesday 16th August. I wish you pleasant holidays.07:31
pvuorelaokey, we can talk next week but could then continue in august.07:32
dcalisteSure. Have you seen the mkcal PR ? I didn't notice this problem when removing EXDATE from parent for exceptions, like upstream. But that's quite "severe" in the sense that alarm for recurring events are partially broken.07:37
pvuoreladcaliste: actually that i failed to notice, thanks for pinging.07:39
pvuorelai'll check07:39
dcalisteI've added an extensive test to demonstrate the issue.07:40

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