Thursday, 2022-07-07

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poetasterattah, so now on to orientation ;)08:51
attahI think that is a Qt limitation in general08:54
attahThey forgot to read Exif data way back when, and insist on maintaining bug compatibility08:55
poetasterhmmm. it's a really simple fix. setAutoTransform(true) with QImageReader. done.09:16
attahIndeed, but i can only assume they are keeping it by choice, e.g. in QImage itself09:17
attahand whatever the implicit pipeline you are hitting with pure QML consists of09:18
poetasterI found the pipeline, it's a bit convoluted ;)09:19
poetastersigh: I think it's automatic by default in qt 609:21
attahjaay, finally09:23
poetasterMaybe it's actually a 'feature'. to keep c++ programmers employed ;)09:24
flypigpoetaster, could you elaborate on the issue a bit for me please? If you set autoTransform in the QML, does it work as expected? Is there a reason why you can't do that in general?09:37
poetasterautoTransform is not a property of Canvas. Image, yes, no problem,09:40
flypigOkay, that clarifies, thank you!09:47
flypigAnd thanks for posting the same on your bug report.09:47
poetasterthank you! If it helps I could build a stripped down demo of the behaviour.09:48
flypigThat would actually be *really* useful, if it's not too much effort?09:48
poetasterWill do.09:49
flypigThank you!09:49
poetasterpage one, camera jpeg, portrait, with meta, page two, jpeg orientation done on export, no meta.12:17
flypigMany thanks poetaster. So they both render the same, but the first should be rotated?12:19
flypigSorry, I mean to say "So they both render the same way..."12:23
flypig"... but the first should be rotated, but isn't".12:23
flypigpoetaster, did you say that the behaviour had changed in Qt6?12:30
poetasterI'm not sure, but the qquickimageprovider.h has a requestImage with a requestedAutoTransform in the signature.12:33
flypigDo you have a link for that? I'm not seeing it in the docs:
poetastersorry, in qt-dec13:21
poetasterflypig, this is qquckcanvasitem.cpp where the loadimage method is implemented:

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