Monday, 2022-07-25

Thaodanrinigus: Can you enable webhooks for your repos like for example pure maps and it's dependencies?07:58
rinigusThaodan: is it for testing? I don't release that often these days, so webhooks will have to be triggered not just on tags07:59
rinigus(busy with some basics for offline maps)08:00
Thaodanrinigus: You mean you release but don'08:00
Thaodandon't tag the release?08:00
rinigusThaodan: I do tag them alright :)08:01
rinigusif it is for testing then better opt for someone who tags frequently08:01
ThaodanIt it for building stable builds on the obs. But yeah for testing I now I have trigger builds one my own.08:02
rinigusThaodan: not sure I follow, but its OK. I can make a separate project with Pure Maps packages and dependencies with webhooks enabled for testing. just have to remember to do so when I get back home08:10
Thaodanrinigus: I mean just enable webhooks on the normal projects and tag releases as you do releases.08:11
ThaodanI don't care that you release slowly just tag releases the same way upload to chum/openrepos.08:12
rinigusThaodan: I am not going to add webhooks to chum packages as it is against the policy. as for regular builds, that would be just jolla store version of pure maps. rest is in chum or development builds that I need while I develop08:14
riniguswith jolla store pure maps using chum for dependencies...08:15
Thaodanrinigus: I mean webhook to the git repo08:20
ThaodanI should have said that.08:21
ThaodanI'm building pure-maps my self and would like to use webhooks I don't have trigger builds.08:21
Thaodando you do releases on those development builds or do you just update the git reference  that is used during build for those builds?08:22
rinigusThaodan: I don't tag development builds, so that would be OK for your use. I am not familiar with github webhooks, what would they have to do and where do they connect to? that sounds to be a bit more involved...08:32
Thaodanrinigus: Just paste the url in the repository settings and that's it.09:31
rinigusThaodan: thanks. no, I am not going to do that. I think it is excessive to start pasting webhooks into multiple repos for a single user, even if it is you. official builds are provided in chum and I am sure it is possible to drag them from there17:16
ThaodanI think webhooks should be used during packaging in any case so it's not just for me. I don't think it is that much work it takes a few minutes at best (like half a min per repo). But I can also just updated by hand every time.18:07
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