Sunday, 2022-08-07

lbtpiggz[m]: pong.00:01
mari3434[m]i got an xperia 10 on sailfish x04:35
mari3434[m]how do i get it working on tmobile in the us?04:36
mari3434[m]i've tried every apn setting and they all didn't work04:36
piggzlbt: pong pong....09:55
piggzlbt: i had a repo set to private on github, and now obs refuses to clone it now its public
mornfall(fwiw, i built the thing on the phone; recovering the account would be perhaps still useful, but certainly not urgent)12:02
kamrohi, anybody knows some way to set default action for x-scheme-handler/https so there is no OpenFileDialog popup in 4.4.0? Previously it was easy but now code in lipstick was changed and I can't use my custom application chooser anymore17:13
kamroafter this looks like everything is handled now in closed lipstick part17:15

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