Tuesday, 2022-09-06

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dcalisteGood morning pvuorela. Thank you for the merge yesterday.07:23
pvuoreladcaliste: hey. sure, thanks go to you :)07:30
dcalisteI'm heavily modifying the week view prototype at the moment to closely follow the design by Martin.07:32
dcalisteI was not convinced first by the tiny labels besides the colour bars, but it renders well actually.07:33
pvuorelanice. i think just a couple of letters can often give an idea what an event is about.07:33
dcalisteIt may be ready before the end of the week and I'll submit it as a new PR (closing the old one in the process).07:34
pvuorelasure. i'll test when that's available.07:34
dcalisteYeh, I still need to move the all day events on top for it to be complete.07:34
dcalisteOn the design, do you have a suggestion for the width of the line separating days ? I was targeting for something very thin, and I'm using Theme.pixelRatio as a width value. It's not bad, but aliasing is not always performing good and the six lines are not looking always the same width.07:38
pvuoreladcaliste: no immediate suggestion, but any pixel value so be rounded to some integer.07:59
dcalisteAh thanks, I forgot the Math.round(). That's better I think now.08:02
piggzrinigus: hi, i wonder if this could be inforporated into pure-maps https://github.com/coqui-ai/TTS15:20
riniguspiggz: it all boils down to what it depends upon. in principle, it can be added on pc. right now installing it via pip. looks like quite a few dependencies are pulled, many I don't even recognize18:31
piggzrinigus: i heard about it on a podcast, they reckon it had much better voice than the regular solutions18:32
rinigus... and one I have heard about before - 700+mb torch :)18:32
riniguspiggz: have you tried on pc?18:32
rinigusanyway, I will add it to our corresponding issue: https://github.com/rinigus/pure-maps/issues/62718:33
piggzpiggz: no, i havnt tried it yet18:33
riniguspiggz: did they somehow explained in which sense "better"? better quality / uses less cpu/ram/storage than alternative?18:34
piggzrinigus: based on AI models, it supposedly sounds much more natural18:35
piggzso, like google/amazon18:35
rinigusI think mimic3 was based on some ai as well, but would have to look it up...18:38
rinigusthanks for a pointer, would have to look into it. overall, it is not really pure maps, but general tts support that we need18:39
piggzrinigus: well, i heard about it, and thought of you :D18:44
riniguskeep them coming18:45
ThaodanIt looks like this tts require's newer PEP 517 518 based packaging.19:07
Thaodanpart of this has been done in https://github.com/sailfishos-chum/pyproject-rpm-macros19:07
rinigusit does sound nice (very brief test). as for pep packaging, that's probably the smaller issue. I wonder whether it runs on aarch64...19:24
Thaodanthe packaging part is like 90% done, haven't tested all packages but it sits on older packaging which needs updates.19:42
ThaodanWhy should it not run on arm?19:42
poetasterrinigus, is TTS not perhaps another funding application contender?20:00
poetasterpiggz, rinigus python based gpt/diffusion etc approaches to Text to speech will be SUCk slow on a phone.20:03
poetasterWell, I'm doing GPT-3 model training, which is pretty heavy. I could give it a crack. hmm.20:06
poetasteruhg. flask as a dependancy to build examples. fuck.20:09
poetasterdon't get me wrong. I've been using werkzeug, jinja and flask for years, but, jesus.20:10
poetasterhmmm. core deps are ok.20:11
poetasterwell, except as rinigus states, torch :)20:11
poetasterah, why am I not in bed. good night.20:12
ThaodanIt's tempting once you get going when it is so late ;)20:26
piggzyeah, like i just got the UI up on the volla22 ... but i need sleep :)21:44

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