Wednesday, 2022-09-14

riniguspiggz: then no idea. or maybe there is something else that reacts to power button press?06:13
poetasterpiggz, I just noted a package made it to chum proper. wanted to test the install, but it seems refresh doesn't catch it (yet). is there some delay?16:26
piggzpoetaster: waits for all builds complete16:30
poetasterpiggz, ah, sorry. I'm a bit burnt.16:31
poetastertoo many meetings.16:32
piggzwhat to do ... pro1x, advanced-cam, amazfish?????16:34
poetasterah, mediatek droid media :)16:34
poetasterOr I'll buy a pro1x to used advanced-cam to take pictures of a watch?16:35
poetasterThe camera video thing is common to all the GS devices, right?16:36
poetasterpiggz, serious question, if we were to try to frame a grant proposal for porting (so to create an incentive for the GS vendors to collaborate) what kind of a budget should we aim for.16:40
poetasterpiggz, there's been so much traffic on a couple of threads, I'd hate to not write at least one or two grant applications.16:41
piggzoh god that sounds serious16:41
piggzit would always be a free time project16:42
piggzhonesttly .. no idea16:42
poetasterok. I'll contact @hildon and see if we can come up with something that'd be easier for you to contribute an estimate for.16:58
poetasterok, ball, rolling.17:02
poetasterpiggz, all my stuff is 'free time' but I'm going free agent in January and that'll give me a bit more time. Maybe get to something 'more professional'.17:04
piggzi wonder how many hours i spend on this stuff ... at an hourly rate of what, 40-50gbp ?17:05
poetastergood question. I started keeping track, but lost it after a month. 50gbp is what about 80 Euro or so. That'd be about right.17:46
poetasterI exaggerate.17:55
poetasterIt'd be nice to show our manufacturing fiends that we're not just tooling about.17:57
pais there a mer channel anymore?21:52
*** fifr[m] is now known as Guest41622:16
malpa: I think no, why do you ask?22:18

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