Sunday, 2022-09-18

poetasterattah, sailprint rocks. windows, hp and the entire modern IT sector suck.17:51
attahpoetaster: Very kind words, thank you17:52
attahAny particular mines you hit now?17:53
poetasterAh, was a painful day. 3 hours getting a computer (win 11) and a couple of android devices to communicate with an hp wlan enabled device. mostly hp's fault.17:53
attahAnd SeaPrint worked ootb?17:54
poetaster'ordinary users' are just fugged. And they are expected to get their kids working with online learning without anything like reasonalbe infra.17:54
attahYeah, leave it to schools to get some interestingly locked-in platforms17:55
poetasteronce I got the hp (6000 something) connected to the local lan, seaprint found the device almost instantly and 'just worked'17:56
attahAfter all, that is what the standard is for.... but for some reason manufacturers still insist on "drivers", and i think WinDerp doesn't even do IPP17:57
poetasterAn engineer friend (upper management VW) and I volunteered to help the teachers wade through the foo. No way. Bureaucracies are not permeable.17:57
poetasterYeah, between industry 'abrasion' and institutional entropy, my guess is the best solution is a nuclear armegeddon. sigh. long day.17:58
poetaster+1 sailprint and sailfish, though. silver linings.17:58
poetasterToo much refactoring to do. To many grant applications to write. Ah, well. Choose your battles well :)18:00
poetasterwhat do you thing of '' for an adress for an api clearing house?18:01
attahBest of luck with that :) The future is starting to look interesting honestly18:01
attahInteresting, sufficiently hip18:02
poetasterI'm writing, among others, a grant application to fund the initial development of a clearing house that would provide a transparent (financiallly) endpoint to purchase api access to end users, to pool the resourecs for api access.18:02
poetasterNo idea if it's 'really' feasible. Given rinigus numbers, if the 10% rule holds, it won't 'actually' work. But I think it's worth a shot.18:04
attahDefinitely... i might just bank-roll so that you don't find out :P18:05
poetasterI've written three outline proposals for the german prototype fund. all 'civic tech' style. I'm going to spend another day or two (when i find time) to polish them and then ask you cats for feedback.18:05
poetasterA bit out of practice (20 years). But i was successful in fundraising in a previous life time. Now I'm happy if i can get a printer working. shit.18:06
attahYou really do spoil us :)18:07
poetasterDitto :)18:07
* attah should really start on that desktop port...18:07
poetasterI've been shy of even trying to do the android ports of apps where the build is prepared. It's just less painful with SFOS. Weird.18:09, is it a good name?18:19
attahIf you got the domain at a normal fee i'd say it is more than good18:30
poetaster10 Euro a year +-18:31
attahCould there be a handful premium domains that are better, sure18:31
attahI.e. the ones you have to buy from a squatter for 10k€+18:31
poetasterquestion is, does keypeer convey the idea of having a clearing house that maps users (en gros) to api endpoints. it's an edge case18:32
attahI'd say so, definitely18:33
poetasterOk. It's a start. I'm trying to take advantage of the community efforts (Austrian non-profit, British inputs). And I'm freelance in January. so, what the hell.18:34
attahGo for it! :)18:35

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