Tuesday, 2022-09-20

dcalisteGood morning pvuorela.07:08
pvuorelagood morning07:09
dcalisteThanks to the feedback you gave yesterday. Let's give up the shader then ! About the overlap delegate, I'll work on this this week. I agree that we should have something equivalent for the week view.07:12
dcalisteAbout the labels, I'll try today the tips to use implicitHeight and height as an indicator of overflow to apply a gradient on the bottom. Then we can decide what is best between eliding and gradient.07:14
pvuorelacompiled the flick thing a while ago. the behavior seemed nice there.07:16
dcalisteYeh, regarding design, I'm very happy about the possibility to get both function : header menu and content menu, with the same flickable and menu. It makes the behaviour very consistent.07:18
dcalisteRegarding technical implementation, I'm a bit worried about patching various element of the pulley menu to get it working as expected.07:18
dcalisteIt's very fragile I guess.07:18
pvuorelayea, that side i didn't still check.07:19
pvuorelabut i'm sure that's all achievable.07:19
dcalisteThe main idea is to trick the menu to get it's _inactivePosition not at 0, but at current contentY when the drag starts in the header part.07:20
dcalisteIf you think it's a good design, I can cherry-pick the commit to the main PR and continue discuss the usability of the week view and its design with this unified menu.07:21
pvuorelai'll check later in more detail07:21
dcalisteOk, thanks. I'll keep it separated for the moment and you can tell me later on if it's fine to get it in (actually I'm using the unified menu design on the phone at the moment to see if there are some usability issues)..07:23
dcalisteThere is something I find annoying is the slideshow easily triggering a week switch while doing a flick of the time content. Looking at PathView QML documention, I didn't find any property to lock it temporary, I mean disable the horizontal swipe. Because I think it would be correct to disable the slideshow while the main flickable is dragging vertically. Do you have an idea or a suggestion ?07:25
pvuorelai think these should be in general sticking to horizontal/vertical direction after the direction is decided, and the version i have seems to work fine as such.07:29
pvuorelamaybe another thing is whether there should be difference threshold horizontally and vertically07:30
dcalisteThe accidental change of week is not always happening, often when doing light touch I would say. When it happens to me again, I'll try to see what are the circumstances to reproduce easily and see if adjusting the thresholds can help. Thanks for the idea.07:33
pvuorelai suppose what's happening is finger moved both horizontally and vertically and then it's up to whichever direction triggers a threshold first.07:34
dcalisteYes, I guess something like that. Trying to reproduce it the moment without success. I'll try to pay more attention next time it's happening.07:40
dcalisteI'm looking at implementing the opacity gradient on labels that overflow. Do you suggest a shader for it or an opacityMask with a LinearGradient from QtGraphicalEffects ?07:46
dcalisteMaybe I should look how the fade is implemented in Labels…07:46
pvuorelathere's OpacityRampEffect in silica.07:47
dcalisteAh, indeed, I forgot about this one. Thanks.07:47
dcalisteThank you for the discussion this morning pvuorela. I've adedd to the weekview branch the OpacityRampEffect on labels that overflow. I let you test and give feedback when you have time to.08:09
pvuorelaand thanks.08:10
useretail__is there a way to backup wlan passwords?19:00
useretail__or networks?19:01
Solrac[m]Hello. I have a question, has anyone tried to use NodeGUI for app development? Its a Qt binding for JavaScript but allows for web frameworks like Vue and React22:15

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