Tuesday, 2022-09-27

dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, how are you ?07:02
pvuoreladcaliste: heya07:02
dcalisteThank you for the first code review on the week implementation. I've been busy recently and only just addressed your remarks before the meeting.07:03
dcalisteI'm looking into why the model instanciate 5 objects on start...07:04
dcalisteDid you have time to further test the one-flickable version of the week view ? Is it comfortable to use ?07:07
pvuorelano further testing, but think it was quite fine when i tried it.07:09
dcalisteAlright, I may merge it with the weekview branch then, may I not ?07:11
pvuorelaguess so. didn't remember to go through the code side with thought but it's a separate commit and not that big07:12
dcalisteI'll also try a flat integer model for the WeekPanel and see about the instanciation caching if it's better than a rotating indices.07:12
pvuorelaalright. myself hoping if that would get it simpler. there's also cacheItemCount in PathView, but not sure can it be related to the current version if there's only three items in the model.07:14
dcalisteIf the instanciation is not too agressive, this could be a clean way to avoid to glance at the two-previous weeks on quick flick.07:15
dcalisteI'm testing the integer model at the moment. Qt is instanciating only one in advance. Which is nice. But creation of the WeekLayout instance and destruction of the previous is a bit slow. Even on a Xperia 10ii, I can see a slight slowing of the animation during flick.07:36
dcalisteI can push a commit on top at the moment, and merge it or not later if we prefer the code simplicity of an integer model.07:36
dcalisteWhat do you think, pvuorela ?07:37
pvuorelamore than the earlier? the current it stuttering for me with jolla c between the flick.07:37
pvuorelacommit on top sounds fine way to check it.07:38
dcalisteI didn't try on a JollaC, but it seems to me that it's stuttering more with the integer because of the instanciation, while on the rotating version, it's only refreshing an existing instance.07:38
dcalisteI need to fix the function to set the model week index from a given date and I will push the commit on top.07:38
dcalisteOk, I've finished updated the various functions linking the days between the views (so selecting a day in week view highlights the correct day in Month view...) for the flat integer model.08:09
dcalisteI've pushed a WIP commit on top in the contrib-weekview branch. pvuorela, you can test when you have time and tell me what do you prefer.08:10
pvuoreladcaliste: alright. thanks!08:13
dcalisteOh, I forgot to mention pvuorela : the new algo to maximize the space for labels in week view is broken for some cases like a short event, a long overlapping event starting a bit later than the first event start, and new small events starting later than the end of the first event.08:18
dcalisteI need to address this with a more robust algo, or move to using the hour layouter.08:19
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piggzKeto: any around for fixing up community obs?08:52
Ketopiggz: sorry, a bit busy with other stuff09:42
Ketopiggz: there was some dod issue again, right?09:42
piggzKeto: yeah09:43
piggzalso, the dns, but thats less a pain09:43
Ketopiggz: kicked the DoD11:17
Ketopiggz: lbt said that disabling/enabling build should help if the DoD is stuck. though in this case I think the problem was that aarch64 DoD was slightly misconfigured11:21
piggzKeto: i presume he is on hols?11:26
Ketojust busy11:30
piggzpoetaster: might interest you, i think volla22 will ship sailfish support21:14
x2swith android app support?21:38
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