Saturday, 2022-10-01

piggzrinigus: i think mal enabled .72 for chum last night, so issue gone08:28
piggzwhich caused by gst-droid build to be delayed for the entire time chum was building :D08:28
riniguspiggz: nice! wasn't aware of it08:29
*** freemangordon1 is now known as freemangordon09:30
Solrac[m]Hello. I downloaded the new official update for an 10 III, and its stuck at the logo with a white bar, I assume this is 99%? But its been there a while,13:54
Solrac[m]Could it be a failed upgrade?13:54
Solrac[m]or is thetre something I should do?13:55
malif it's stuck for a long time at the end of the update installation then jut force a reboot13:59
malthe update screen randomly hangs at the end and doesn't reboot13:59
malif the installation bar is at the end for minutes then it probably should have been updated just fine but didn't reboot automatically14:00
Solrac[m]how long would a long time be? s: In my case its been over 20 minutes14:03
Solrac[m]So, in all 3 cases just force reboot? Holding the power button down for 7 seconds (the standard on other phones) didnt do it14:03
Solrac[m]Vol Up + Power for 5 sec forced rebooted the device14:06
malI would just reboot it14:09
maldid it boot normally after forcing it?14:09
Solrac[m] 👌14:14

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