Sunday, 2022-10-16

rubdos[m]Is there a way to tell an Android app that I have a passcode enabled? Apparently the Interrail app checks this.18:28
rubdos[m]If I can't, I fear I'll have to bring a real Android device to the SailfishOS meetup, otherwise I'm not going to arrive in Lausanne O.o18:57
attahThat would be ironic...18:57
attahBut i highly doubt that is doable... alongside the like s of WiFi, NFC, VPN etc18:58
attahBut it could be that here Jolla actually has a chance to do something about it... but only maybe18:58
attahAlso don't forget to give feedback that they are overreaching in enforcing such crap18:59
rubdos[m]Yeh I sent a support ticket to Interrail19:08
rubdos[m]They didn't require Google Play services according to Aurora, so I figured I could try19:08
attahAren't there alternatives? When i travel by train, i get a PDF by email... but maybe people just expect apps for no good reason nowadays19:22
rubdos[m]Interrail is either paper or the app19:24
rubdos[m]I gabled and lost, and you cannot go back to the paper without going through support19:24
rubdos[m]Found a workaround. Now let's hope they don't patch it.22:12
rubdos[m]Just enter the pass details on first start instead of after the setup wizard.22:13
rubdos[m]Pass activation still requires the screen lock thing --"22:13
rikudou_sennin[m]Hi there, any chance someone could help me with
rikudou_sennin[m]I can't be the only one who needs such feature22:38

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