Tuesday, 2022-10-18

dcalisteGood morning pvuorela, sorry for the delay.07:26
pvuoreladcaliste: morning!07:31
dcalisteThank you for the feedback yesterday. It's taking a good direction, in my opinion.07:32
pvuorelaindeed, getting quite nice.07:33
dcalisteAbout the performance issues, and the backgroundItem getting always highlighted, I got it some time on X10ii also.07:33
dcalisteI'm afraid it's a general issue with Qt (?) that is not always sending the mouse release event (I guess).07:33
pvuorelayes, felt like a qt bug. unfortunately.07:34
dcalisteIt was visible on heavy load with the keyboard for instance.07:34
dcalisteA bit tricky to investigate though…07:34
dcalisteBut unfortunate that it can be trickered more or less easily with the week view…07:35
dcalisteWhat do you think is still required for this MR ? Code review maybe, when you will have time to ?07:39
pvuorelacode review at least. hoping it the coming days i could do that.07:41
pvuorelafor one thing, testing that i've some times got the view vertically in some bad position.07:42
dcalisteGreat, thanks, but what do you mean ? Events not at the right position in time line on portrait ?07:44
pvuorelathe page itself, pulley menu and all07:45
pvuorelatesting now version i had from yesterday, flicking weeks got me occasionally some big highlight rectangle in the middle of the screen. looked like pulley menu stuff.07:48
dcalisteYeh, coming from the pulley menu when the _inactivePosition is not consistent with contentY.07:52
dcalisteI cannot get it on X10ii, even when flicking as fast as I can. I'll try to get an idea how it can be the case from the code.07:53
pvuorelayea, jolla c here.07:57
dcalisteOr reboot my JollaC and test on it !08:00
dcalisteI'll try to do it tomorrow.08:00
pvuorelathat's a good way to test performance issues :)08:01
dcalisteIndeed !08:01
dcalisteWhat do you think about the mkcal PR#34 ? It's a cherry-picking from #30, without the API break, but with the read-only revamp stuff.08:02
pvuoreladcaliste: superficially seemed fine and could be easier path to move forward. was prioritizing the week view so didn't yet look more closely.08:04
dcalisteOk, sure thanks. By the way, I'll be off the coming two weeks. If it's ok for you we can schedule next meeting on Tuesday November 8th.08:05
dcalisteAh, still about PR#34, do you know if createDefaultNotebook() is used outside mKCal ? In the idea of reducing the exposed functions in mKCal, I don't see the point of this function since it's called from the DB opener and ensure that a default calendar exist. External using of mKCal should not need this routine, should it ?08:08
pvuoreladcaliste: buteo-sync-plugins has a couple references at least.08:10
dcalisteAh, thanks, alright, I forgot looking into this one. Thanks. I'll looking into it to see if it makes sense to call it there.08:12
pvuoreladcaliste: didn't find other references grepping my git repos.08:16
dcalisteAnd there is only one unique call in buteo_sync_plugins, in notes, in case the storage didn't return any default notebook, it is creating one with this function.08:18
dcalisteOne can wonder if it can be replace by a default Notebook constructor and then a call to setDefaultNotebook(), as I do in PR#34 and remove the function. But it's very minor anyway.08:19
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