Friday, 2022-11-11

thilo[m]Wow, thats extremly cool07:56
poetasterdamn. is 500 every second request.10:21
poetasterpiggz[m], rinigus you also note obs is downish?10:38
malpoetaster: I pinged about that internally, hopefully it gets fixed11:39
poetastermal, thanks111:58
rikudou_sennin[m]thilo: Thanks! Planning to post the source once it's done13:00
malpoetaster: obs should work now14:01
poetastermal, thanks!14:02
poetastermal, seems to be fine.14:11
poetasterpiggz[m], so yesterday, I realized that my GS5 install also had broken video again. so, maybe I installed the wrong version: hw_ says 0.0.1+main.20220531090923.9936255.916:03
poetasterthink it was:
poetasterpiggz[m], should I try the laster devel or testing?16:04
poetaster for instance16:05
piggzpoetaster: latest testing is good19:58

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