Thursday, 2022-12-22

direc85[m]I'm more suspicious of hitting 2^n but if it really is 10^n then it's really a man-made limit...05:21
ViGewell, 2^30 milliseconds would be really close05:23
direc85[m]That is alarmingly close...05:30
direc85[m] Something to read with my morning coffee :)05:34
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maldirec85[m]: any indication what in the device started to cause issues and what kind of issues?11:33
direc85[m]Yesterday it was sound not working anymore, it got worse until pulseaudio reboot didn't help.11:34
direc85[m]The time before was the device getting black screen, but reacting to fingerprint reader with a vibration. That was resolved with an already active SSH and lipstick reboot, but the device crash-restarted itself after, uh, half an hour later or so.11:35
direc85[m]The common denominator is uptime of ~12.5 days11:36
direc85[m]...which can still be coincidence.11:36

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